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Anigrand KC-10 Crashed during SOLO flight, I HATE THIS MODEL


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Well, I've been putting this build off for as long as I could.

She is part of the Wings Over Barksdale, for the museum

I work at. Opened the box in August and spent

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY's with the heat gun. Need a 45!

Put back in the box until I figured that I had no choice but to


I shimmed and superglued the 2 quarter's of the fuselage together.

I well take any help and suggestions on how to get this fuselage

together. I'll post some picture of it when my camera battery gets


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This is going to be Bery Interestink,

Lots of extra plastic, CA, putty.

Can I shoot foam inside to give some

support?  I probably will need to add

bulkheads, need a contour gauge.....

Thinking of using Gorilla Glue but

need clamps...HELP!

Taped on TOP onlyVVvgxLO.jpgdK9iebf.jpg

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That is some pretty crazy warpage!


I am fighting with a Anigrand C-133. I have the fuselage beat into submission, but when I assembled the wings, one of them was warped and I did not realize it until later.


I have the KC-10 in my stash too. 


Any way on my c-133, I used a pot of almost boiling water to soften up the fuselage parts and gently bend them to where they should be,  gently bent them to where they should be, then set it in place with running cold water from the tap.  When I built the fuselage, I assembled the left and right forward fuselage, and the left and right aft fuselage.  Once those halves were set, the forward and aft halves were joined. 


I guess I would slowly work one section at a time with heat until it is to the point you can finish it up with putty.  Good luck.

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Like a bad penny, I'm BAAAAAACK!!!!
Been working in small adjustments with the heat gun, Boogered -up a spot on the bottom,
Also been busy with life for a couple weeks.


I decided that I needed to get this fuselage together, so I started on the top middle at the 4-corners

and worked forward for in  1 to 2  inches and started the bottom and worked forward.  CA is working

great and the fuselage is pretty sturdy. Plan to insert brass tube wing spars to take the strain off the spine

QxLJjmU.jpgncy8iua.jpg​ aH7aCuW.jpgMa8dElA.jpg2YvFjQz.jpgunB6f9D.jpgbWMSzJz.jpg

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Guest Martinnfb



I have noticed a HUGE Rat from another dimension, Awesome ! :)

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Well, been busy and been grinding CA and resin with 320 to rough in to shape.

Have several spots that are built up CA to fill the low spots and short rear fuselage.

Those who know me know I have a real eversion to putty. I prefer CA as it is smoother.

and easier to scribe IMHO.xYyxoih.jpg5e7natb.jpgbz76Zlo.jpg758r8Dt.jpgXAX1fnl.jpgBEYLrpz.jpg

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