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  1. kurth

    Revell F-4G

    There is no gloss coat. The surface of the paint is smooth, so there is no problem with the decals.
  2. kurth

    Revell F-4G

    I am making one big push to get this one done. I am applying decals. I have the major decals on the passenger side done. There are some stencils with this sheet but not a lot of direction on which ones to apply. I have the instructions from the Hasegawa kit, and the Revell Germany issue of this kit which has this same scheme so I will figure it out edit: I see SHG has a stencil sheet, so I have ordered one.
  3. kurth

    Revell F-4G

    I am still working on this one. I applied the walkway decals, but when I bought them I did not realize the difference between Navy and Air Force walkways. I applied the decals and noticed the notches that needed to be filled in. so I masked and while painting other things with black primer I ended up with this: Had i realized the Air Force walkway did not have all these notches, I would have masked and painted. I am still working with solvaset on the bubbles in these walkways. Once I am happy I can apply the main decals.
  4. This is good news, I enjoyed visiting Omaha last year.
  5. The bid presentations took place earlier today. I think the earliest you might hear anything is sometime tonight after the banquet.
  6. I suffered from considerable operator error with my camera ... so many of my pictures are unsatisfactory, but here are some 1/32 models I got decent pictures of. I did not get too many other 1/32 pics, I kept meaning to get back to that table but it was often crowded. I did look at several more, but I did not have my camera out. Any way I hope it helps tide you over until more pictures are shared.
  7. Thank you all for holding the meet and greet. It was just as friendly as these forums are. I do have some pictures from the tables, do you want to see Large scale stuff? I will need to see what I have, it was kind of hard to get pictures of everything and then really cool models were hard to get near since people congregated near them.
  8. I found another use for my Sharpen Air and sharp, but probably unserviceable badger needle. I sharpened the needle, and chucked it in a pin vise. The needle scribes very well, and if it gets dull, I can sharpen it any time.
  9. I have a sharpenair and I used it on a grex .3 needle with a bent tip. After the repair, It looks good under magnification, and I can not longer feel the irregularity with my finger. I have yet to use the needle, so I can not say how well it works. I also used it on a totally trashed badger 150 needle which was in a trashed 150 I got on ebay. I am not sure what happened to this needle, it looks like someone tried to clean it with a large file. The tip was nearly blunt. I did manage to bring it back and it looks like it may be usable. I figure it will pay for itself after saving two grex needles.
  10. Since you have the mig thinner now, it might be worth trying it with the Tamiya wash.
  11. It is a little confusing with two different products with similar names. It looks like X-20 (with no A) is for Tamiya Enamels, which are not sold in the United States. This amazon listing has a picture https://www.amazon.com/Tamiya-Color-Enamel-Paint-Thinner/dp/B0711SGXYC Are you looking to thin the washes more or clean your brushes?
  12. I have airbrushed in apartments and townhomes. I found an air conditioner window venting kit for a portable air conditioner. when I want to paint I open the window a few inches, and place the vent in the opening, then close the window on the vent, the hose is connected to the spray booth. Since the spray booth has a filter it seems to absorb most of the smell of enamel and lacquer. You can make something similar with thin plywood and parts from a dryer vent kit. The only unknown is how nosy your new neighbors are. this picture should make it more clear
  13. Anything else to see in the area? Last year I went to the Strategic Air and space musuem, the Museum of American speed, and the museum in the train station in Omaha. Traveling to the Nats is a good way to see cities I might never have occasion to visit otherwise.
  14. In one raffle back in 2001 I walked away with a then recently released 1/24 Airfix Harrier and Trumpeter 1/72 TU-16. I got both kits after buying $10 in raffle tickets. I also won at least one other older kit that day, so that was my best raffle day ever. Other than that I can not remember any notable bargains on new kits. I seem to remember getting good prices on newly released kits from Squadron, I want to say they offered a very good price if you pre-ordered. This was 15 years ago so It is hard to remember all the details. The acquisitions I am most proud of are old hard to find kits, however that is a different discussion.
  15. It is drivable for me, so I can easily bring a model. I build at a glacial pace so If I want to bring something I need to start now. nothing I have in progress meets my standards for what I would like to show off at the NATS. It is hard to say for sure whether I will go, who knows what unforeseen circumstance could pop up. I am trying to make it a habit to go every year.
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