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  1. There is no gloss coat. The surface of the paint is smooth, so there is no problem with the decals.
  2. I am making one big push to get this one done. I am applying decals. I have the major decals on the passenger side done. There are some stencils with this sheet but not a lot of direction on which ones to apply. I have the instructions from the Hasegawa kit, and the Revell Germany issue of this kit which has this same scheme so I will figure it out edit: I see SHG has a stencil sheet, so I have ordered one.
  3. I am still working on this one. I applied the walkway decals, but when I bought them I did not realize the difference between Navy and Air Force walkways. I applied the decals and noticed the notches that needed to be filled in. so I masked and while painting other things with black primer I ended up with this: Had i realized the Air Force walkway did not have all these notches, I would have masked and painted. I am still working with solvaset on the bubbles in these walkways. Once I am happy I can apply
  4. This is good news, I enjoyed visiting Omaha last year.
  5. The bid presentations took place earlier today. I think the earliest you might hear anything is sometime tonight after the banquet.
  6. I suffered from considerable operator error with my camera ... so many of my pictures are unsatisfactory, but here are some 1/32 models I got decent pictures of. I did not get too many other 1/32 pics, I kept meaning to get back to that table but it was often crowded. I did look at several more, but I did not have my camera out. Any way I hope it helps tide you over until more pictures are shared.
  7. Thank you all for holding the meet and greet. It was just as friendly as these forums are. I do have some pictures from the tables, do you want to see Large scale stuff? I will need to see what I have, it was kind of hard to get pictures of everything and then really cool models were hard to get near since people congregated near them.
  8. I have the paasche Talon. It is ok. It does come with all three needle setups, as well as a fan spray cap. I do like the fact that the nozzles are large, so there are no tiny parts to loose while cleaning. The overall feel of the airbrush felt like it was of lower quality than a Badger or a Grex. It is kind of hard to explain, it is just an intangible feeling. To get smooth operation from it, I had to file the opening in the body for the trigger, it felt like it was causing some resistance when pulling the trigger back. I also had to loosen the needle bearing, it caused a lot of drag on the n
  9. Quick update - I painted the black walkway on the spine .. it was a pretty easy mask job Funny thing about that. As you can see, I have had long periods of time away from this build, so I forget what has been done, and what needs to be done. I thought I had built and painted the missiles. I looked through the box and found the larger of the two Anti-Radiation missiles painted white, but the smaller anti radar missile, and the two sparrows need to be painted. The jammer pod which goes in the front sparrow bay has also been painted. I need to paint the missile to pylon adapter, I
  10. Touch ups are complete, and I thought I was ready to apply decals. I am using the Speed Hunter graphics SEAD Specialists: Phantom Hunter Killers sheet. I bought this sheet from his table at the 2014 Nats in Virginia. I as all ready to get started, and took a closer look at the profiles. I realized I need black walkways.... ok ... and they are not on the sheet. Ok, no big deal. That would take up a lot of room on the decal sheet that is best used on additional markings. I checked the kit decal sheet on the off chance it has them ... nope. I quickly found Cam Mil spec decals has a 1/32
  11. Wow it has been 6 months since I updated this thread. any way I ended up just using Eduard PE on the cans. I ruined the tamiya cans trying to cut them up. They look much better than what I started with. Doing something with the exhaust ended up pushing this model back several months. I finished the metal area last week, and I just finished touching up the rest of the paint. I need to get a larger photo backdrop, but You can see my progress. If it does not need more touch ups, I can move on to other tasks to finish this model. suggestions, and critique welcome
  12. GT Resin offers a corrected nose for the Revell kit, I bought one at the 2017 Nats. It also comes with short and long gun muzzles AMS resin Also has a corrected nose, you can get it at Sprue Brothers. http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/ams32034.htm Hope it helps.
  13. I have family in the Phoenix area so it will be a 2 for 1 trip. This time i will remember to join IPMS so I can enter a model.
  14. Oh no, i just saw this. I missed everything. Now i need to recover from eye strain, I spent a lot of time looking at all the models on display.
  15. I visited the museum in the morning. It was great, I almost had the whole place to my self. I was a nova ipms member a long time ago, and I miss it, it is a great club. nowadays my work schedule prevents me from attending. I got decent pics in the museum with an SLR, i had to turn the iso up to 6400. But yes they really are packed in there. But that is ok, there are some rare planes there.
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