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  1. http://www.saairforce.co.za/gallery-and-media/22/c-130-hercules/4
  2. okay - amazingly I made a good lot of progress on the C130. I must say - this is just an amazing aircraft. The cargo ramps will be open and lights will illuminate the inside. I accidentally broke one piece as i removed the lights - so have a minor repair to do. So I'm busy with all the interior without doing anything extra - just what the kit provides. the only view will be from the rear so a lot of detail will only be viewable from a narrow angle and so only needs to be convincing - not accurate. I also spent time looking at the colour scheme and how to make this more appealing on such a large model. The aluminium finish - with white upper - being the delivery scheme for many Air Forces is my choice. It will be done for SAAF if i can find decals. The fin has an interesting subtle mix of colours but the aluminium fuselage needs slight tint changes for different panels - without turning it into a harlequin. I will have to do experiments to see how to obtain these slight visual changes with probably mostly 2 slight variations. I also have no idea what the wing and tailplane upper surface colourations were.
  3. Gaz - that would be awesome - long time before that happens Im wondering if we will get to a point - somehow - where the parts that get printed dont have lines on them - the layer lines Its a bit like when we used to use dot matrix printers, which for a time when the letters were not made of dots, Now we have perfect 2D printing. 3D printing will undergo changes, and so will scanning - eventually you will be able to reproduce and scale objects in high quality and very short time - but not yet - not for the average man at least
  4. To my amazement - despite being told differently - PLA can be glued with styrene glue (Tamiya Thin). Well, that makes a huge difference. It may not glue by welding as much as styrene plastic welds, but it did a pretty good bond - no problem for model parts so far.
  5. Provisional floor done provisional rear bulkhead done busy on 8th rendition of instrument binnacle and side shelf front seats are scaled down versions of car seats found on Thingyverse - and they will be good enough for the Seabee front seats control column pedestal done (and I have just this very moment realised that this is the first aircraft I have ever seen with a control column AND steering wheel style controls. yet to do ... instrument panel pedals door handles inside steering wheels rear bench seat seat frames (probably best made of wire) but they may not even be visible - will still decide on best approach with this
  6. Thanks Gunnar - I will spend more time browsing your links - I'm sure I will have many questions since i'm a total beginner at this. Looks awesome. My biggest drawback is lack of experience in CAD - but I will catch up I did my first 3 trials on the route to a cockpit for the Seabee. I will post pics so folks can see the development towards the end result. For some strange reason the 2nd back seat didnt print but it doesnt matter too much as these will be changing substantially. Dont judge too much - these are just trials. I was quite happy with the 0.7 mm floor and back bulkhead thickness. I think 0.7 will be something i use extensively. I will also not print the cockpit as 1 piece - it will be printed in all its parts - this was just a trial. I also managed to get to write text on the lower surface but forgot to reverse the text - then on the next trial when i did reverse it - it didnt print - anyway - all part of the learning process. By the end of the week - the Seabee will have its cockpit. The black base coat is just to stop light as the entire model is moulded in clear plastic. Once this cockpit trial is done. The next development for practice will be a set of wings for another model Then I will move to the Antoinette
  7. I am - busy on a simple cockpit for my Seabee. I will post pics once theres something to show. If making simple parts doesnt work out, then the whole plane will have to wait. If things go smoothly - well then i can make advances. Of course anyone else is welcome to join in if they wanted to design
  8. Hi Nick I dont doubt anything you say. So lets analyse this Anyone starting out in 3D printing will be using PLA - so firstly its the easy the common choice. as to alternative choices - well ABS might be slightly better - but I think the fragility issue would be an issue no matter what the material. This build is not meant to be something that requires you to be a very advanced modeler - hopefully - I mean I myself am only starting out with 3D and with 3D design. The choice of topic is not really intended to make life difficult - but yet at the same time maybe offer something a little out of the ordinary. Which means that its worth trying - and if I fail - I just adjust slightly and try again till we have an easy process. I can already tell you that there is no way i would be able to lift a framework off the printer bed - if the framework was 1mm, 2mm or such like. Thats fine - it just means we have to print with some thin material in between - in other words print it as if we are printing the covering along with the framework. Now we already know that wont look like material covering so we can still cover over that on the outside with thin material for a scale look. Thats more or less my thinking at this stage. Im sure many aspects will get tweaked as we go along - or maybe we change topics. Its ok - all part of the learning curve My confidence is only in that there is no reason not to try - not that the end result will be a showstopper - so lets see how it turns out. I still make blunders on plastic models and ive been building them for 44 years, Im sure i will blunder with 3D
  9. So its not quite an Antoinette, but it is based on one. In fact an improved version built by Handasyde - better undercarriage. Anyway. I will finish assembly of this 1.48 just to get a feel for what this will be like
  10. Hi Tnarg Sad about Des. Thanks for that article on the engine build. This will come in very handy. Yes i guess the RC plans are essentially too rough for use here. I do have a 1/48 Antoinette - i will dig it out and build it as a starting point here just to get more idea about it. I am not sure which version. will check tomorrow. Yes please add photos here. Cheers
  11. Oh - I have just noticed now that the cockpit side trellis is in fact not solid - but exactly that - a trellis of strands - thats an interesting feature I wonder if we would do the brass and metalwork with actual brass - or just paint 3D parts
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