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Welcome to the Clear the Shelf of Doom Group Build! Herein lie all the rules and parameters.


In a break from tradition, entries in this Group Build must already be started, and preferably, stalled. The only exception is for unfinished entries in the just-finished Jurassic Plastic Group Build, which can be transferred here upon request. It goes without saying that all entrants must qualify as an LSP kit.


The aim of this Group Build is to clear out as many of your stalled, stagnant, or relegated builds as you can - by finishing them! To qualify, the build must be inactive at the time of entry (see the exception noted above); we can define inactive on a case-by-case basis where there is uncertainty or confusion. If you have a dormant build elsewhere in the forums (including previous Group Builds), you can contact a moderator and ask for it to be moved here.


The Group Build will run from 1 June 2017 to 30 November 2017.


Have fun!



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Could I enter with my Spitfire Mk XIVe Canadian racer?  I'm doing it from a Matchbox Mk 22 that I bought cheap on ebay a couple of years ago.  I got very busy and decided to shelve it (had little choice really).  It's a real styrene sheet and Milliput job, but when it's done there's those lovely red decals for it.




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It'll be close but I think I'll make it. October turned out to be pretty much a write-off for time at the bench, but November is looking good so far. A couple of solid weekends and I think I can finally complete the Mustang.



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