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  1. GuildAero

    Dh60 Gypsy Moth drawings

    Thanks, Bob. Telford is Middle Earth to me. Way too far to go, but thanks. I think I have some good plans now, Martin
  2. GuildAero

    Dh60 Gypsy Moth drawings

    Hi all, does anyone have an opinion of which are the best drawings from which to make a good model of Amy Johnson's "Jason"? Cheers, Martin
  3. Hi all, I have PM'd Hubert Boillot a couple of times and had no response. Normally he is very quick to answer. He always says he'll see anything on here before he sees anything on e-mails, so that's why I PM him, but this time....nothing. Does anyone know if he's OK or whatever might be wrong? He was doing me some etchings and I am now in urgent need of them for a master. Cheers, Martin
  4. GuildAero

    Flat monofilament. Finally found some !

    Hubert, I have sent you a PM. Please could you answer as it's quite urgent. Thanks, Martin
  5. GuildAero

    Mr color gloss super clear

    Despite the stupid over the top name. I used their flat UV cut, not realising flat is American for Matt. I was sold it as a new gloss clear, but I have to say if their gloss clear is as good as their matt, it must be marvelous stuff. That is the mattest, flattest spray clear I've ever used. I use on scenic work in case the Vallejo stuff isn't quite dull enough. It also seems to last for ever in the rattle can with excellent pressure. Martin
  6. My customer has a need for Vincent Black Shadow decals in 1/6th scale. He's tried those very few we know of and got completely stupid, disinterested answers and none at all from others. So does anyone know who might be prepared to do gold metallic and white decals for this job? Thanks, Martin
  7. GuildAero

    Sets for modellers with wider tastes...

    Yep, that's them. I've seen the master and it looks OK, but I'm no expert in Jeeps. It's a LONG time since I did the 48th scale ones in brass. Martin
  8. GuildAero

    Sets for modellers with wider tastes...

    I have just received news that GT Models is doing a Willys Jeep, in 1/32nd scale. He does slot car bodies, but has recently found that vans, transporters and other types other than racing cars sell much better, oddly. So, gents, there's your Jeep sorted. Saves me the task! Cheers, Martin
  9. GuildAero

    Not Enjoying the Hobby

    I have always done this lark for a living until retirement as well as for a hobby. That's why I have got into the habit of doing model aircraft and model cars/scenery in Winter and model boats/aircraft in Summer. This heat has me indoors much more than it normally would, so I getting back to a bit of static modelling but this is, I hope, an abberation. Maybe you need to vary the kind of modelmaking you do, or just stop. Find an alternative hobby. OR TEACH YOURSELF how to make stuff from scratch. (I keep saying). Martin
  10. GuildAero

    Not Enjoying the Hobby

    I know what you mean to some extent. When the weather was comfortable rather than Hellish hot, I was far happier pootling in the garden and doing odd jobs for the Mrs. All I can ever recommend to you inveterate kit bashers is , "Make something" Have a small bash at scratchbuilding. Start with a drawing (thousands on the 'net) transfer to a suitable material and start filing, chiseling, sawing, whatever it takes. There are still a lot of good books on making it yourself. The satisfaction is immense, the cost is bugger all and the bragging rights unimpeachable! Good luck. Martin
  11. GuildAero

    Sets for modellers with wider tastes...

    I tend to agree with you there, Matt. I wouldn't do foreign stuff like Luftwaffe for 2 reasons. 1) I don't do military and 2) I don't do foreign. The former on principle, the latter on knowledge scores. I don't do War and I know nowt about foreign stuff. A common or garden Jeep is just a generic sort of vehicle so I could do that, if my chum is interested. He might go with the idea of airfield vehicles. Thanks, Martin
  12. GuildAero

    Sets for modellers with wider tastes...

    Brian, I've no idea what all those descriptions refer to, but I'll suggest to my chum that a JEEP is much missed. Cheers, Martin
  13. GuildAero

    Kits available for a quick diorama build?...

    My diorama is of Castle Bromwich, Richard. And there are no spare engines on view, thankfully. I know some of the engine a/m stuff is impressive, but way over what can be charged for, hence my wish to see kits with engines in them already. Or at the most an engine in 48th scale for a tenner. Cheers, Martin
  14. GuildAero

    Sets for modellers with wider tastes...

    Illuminati in modelmaking?? Great, that's all we need, eh? I think it's because of the nearness to 1/35th scale that nobody has done one in 32nd. That old saw of model disciplines never crossing over or talking to each other. If you think about it, the response generally to my OP was hardly beating my door down. I once did a Jeep pattern for Hart Models (Hartley Wintney) in 1/48th scale, but I don't know if they still exist. It had a gun trailer with it as I recall. Then I did a desert version for them as well as a "Jimmy 2 1/2". It's not like reference is difficult. There must be a bloke with a JEEP tucked away in every conurbation in the land. Hubert, offer still stands to repair the fuselage for you, no charge of course. Send it back with the etchings<G> Cheers, Martin
  15. GuildAero

    Sets for modellers with wider tastes...

    Oh it would, Max, it would, but Hubert has a lot on his plate currently, so all we can do is wish him well and hope it goes into production soon. I understand he has broken the fuselage. I've offered to repair it, but heard nothing on that score. My colleague does a Land Rover or two in 32nd scale. No Jeeps as they're all done to death by the cowpoo cammo and broken walls brigade. Martin