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F-16A & F-16C Aggressor Double Build - The Double is Done!


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Looking great Marcel and I know what you mean about being loyal to paint that works for you.  I have been a loyal Tamiya and Gunze paint user for quite sometime, but after trying out the Mr. Paint products I have become converted, I love this paint.  Flows through all my airbrushes including my Iwata custom micron like a dream.  Using it for the "Blizzard" camo on my F-16 project so hopefully will have some photos of it up on the WIP soon.



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Hi guys, here is what things look like with some markings applied, mostly courtesy of Maketar masks.






Some close-ups of the base of the tail. It took me forever to get a clean and contoured rework with panel lines and rivets.






Closer view of some of the paint touch-ups:







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I completed the exhaust with the little markings applied. I had been wondering how to do this for months and even had a good offline intellectual exchange with Chuck on how to best go about this. I ended up deciding against decals since I wanted the markings to sort of blend in with the rest of the exhaust, which is what I see on the real deal. So my conclusion was to paint the darker rectangles with Alclad Gun Metal. The next question was how to apply the lettering. Up until yesterday I thought I could do that with Verlinden 1/72 Dry Erase Red Stencils. That should have been great in theory but in practice I couldn't get the dry erase to rub off onto the Alclad at all, instead the Alclad lifted off the exhaust.


So I ended up using Eduard photo-etch masks, and I am pretty please with the result.




So after masking off the little dark rectangles and spraying those with Alclad Gun Metal, I held a little photo etch mask in place and airbrushed some slightly browned red Tamiya acrylic. My Olympos Micron airbrush was once again key to this since I could control exactly where the spray went, so I didn't need to do any additional masking.




The result isn't perfect but then neither is the real thing. Full disclosure: All of the markings I applied say NO STEP whereas the markings towards the back should actually say NO PUSH. This is one of those instances where I feel the overall look is more important than this final peace of precision and besides, I can virtually not read them anyway.







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