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  1. the sprue with the figures between the two spues there is a small resin paratail
  2. Plastic paratail is too thin for the big "sufa" spine hence the new resin piece. the plastic part fits the regular tail just fine.
  3. Excellent build! can i ask where the mavericks are from?
  4. I can't believe I've missed this! Great builds! I'm actualy doing the navy splinter B from the academy kit using an old hadegawa A. This is some really inspiring work!
  5. I'm thinking more in the line of inflight displays. Already tried the Trumpeter tomcat one, its too big.
  6. Thanks Pete, I have the one you are referring to =) its really excellent, but no where to be found anymore. Gary, all those examples are of open exhausts, I'm referring specifically to closed exhausts.
  7. oh for academy as well =)
  8. come to think of it a P&W one would be nice too =)
  9. Any chance of a Closed GE exhaust for the tamiya viper?
  10. anyone know if the filet tail is included?
  11. Thanks for the reply! i will give him a try.
  12. Just found this thread and i'm in love with this build! is this exhaust available to buy anywhere?
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