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ZM Heinkel He 219 Uhu:5/26/17: BACK WITH A VENGEANCE

Guest Peterpools

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Guest Peterpools


Since finishing the Tamiya Mossie, I've tinkered with a few kits and tried to get going but nothing seemed to click. I thoroughly enjoyed the Mossie, especially as a OOB build and was looking for another project along those lines. Quite some time ago I purchased the ZM He 219 and even though being one of the largest boxes in the stash, it was just over looked. Going through some reference books I came across Daniel Zamarbide's Building the Heinkel He 219 Uhu and everything just clicked. Out from the stash came the ZM kit and as I re-read the book for at least the third time, I compared the many differences in the book to the kit instructions. I found my next build.

Of course, there would be lots of new ground to cover, namely, the Uhu being my first real go at a WWII Luftwaffe aircraft. I knew little, had lots to learn and paints to buy – especially MPR for the exterior colors. Of course, learning how to actually do the cammo was going to be a whole new adventure for sure.

Opening the box I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of frets and parts – easily matching the Mossie and maybe more. The instructions book is just that, a book with the look and feel of a WWII manual. The instructions are quite different then what I am use to and care needs to be taken on becoming familiar and comfortable with them. A quick peek and the complexity of the kit jumps off the pages; it's quite evident care needs to be taken in assembly and the instructions need to be followed closely.

My plans at the start are to basically follow the instructions, using Daniel Zamarbide's book as my main reference.

So that's the plan, another OOB build, concentrating on fit and finish and trying to determine early in the build which panels will be open and which will be closed..

Next up: the first of two Daimler-Benz DB 603A inverted V-12

Thanks for checking in



The Kit: One HUGE Box




The Contents: Jammed packed




The Instructions:




The Aircraft: He 219A-0 Werk Nr. 190012


Hptm. Ernst-Wilhelm Modrow





Daniel"s Zamarbide's awesome He 219 ZM Build book and the kit's instructions



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Guest Peterpools

Hi Carl

I've had your review booked marked and if it were a printed review, the pages would have be ear marked, as I have carefully read the review a number of times. Great info and a terrific review.

WOW, what a fantastic offer and I would love to use the norts for the build. I'll PM my address.

Thanks so much


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All I can say is WOW.  Now are you are shaming me to get away from the relatively simple WWI builds and get back into something a bit meatier like the Tamiya Mustang I want to do w the Barracuda details.


Love your choice tho - that is kind of an iconic aircraft, not often seen and very cool and interesting looking.  DON'T buy the paint yet, let me go buy some stock in MRP - you are going to be spending a fortune!   :hmmm:


Will definitely be following along...

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Boy am I in !! I know what you mean about the instructions. I was looking in my Horten booklet and it is quite different. Good luck on this. I'm sure you'll do her justice.....Harv :popcorn:

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