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New Wingnut Fokker D.VII Variant coming in 2nd Quarter 2017!

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It's the least exciting release WNW have made since the DFW C.V


I can understand those who missed the Fokker boat the first time being excited, as it means they don't need to pay $185 on Ebay for a Fokker D.VII.


The moral of the story - if you see a WNW kit you want, buy the bloody thing as soon as humanly possible. It'll hold it's value better than any other kit you care to mention &, if it sells out will actually make a profit. 


That's my excuse. With interest rates at rock-bottom, gilts yielding next to nothing & world-wide trade war around the corner, all my money is going into WNW plastic.


Nearly all of their kits took over two years to sell out - the exception being the Hansa-Brandenburg W.29. As a monoplane floatplane with very minimal rigging, it was snapped up quicker than you can say "stuff this bloody rigging, where's my Bf109 kit!?".

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