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Airfix 1:24 Bf109E-3

Chris Wimmer

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Hi Everybody!


Having been nothing but a lurker during the past months, so I think it's time to return with a new entry. Jurassic Plastic- what a great idea to me as I looove old kits! :) Decided to lay my hands on the lovely Airfix Emil that I have in mind for quite a long time.


By the way, I will do an E-3 with the rounded canopy, which fortunately comes with the kit.




Before purchasing I desperately searched the web for comparison pics to get an idea of its actual size. Couldn't find any, so I did some for the community:






I started with the engine, which is molded onto the ammo boxes. I like the detailing level, but on the other hand this kind of mold is a no-go nowadays and especially in this scale.




I seperated the engine from the firewall and removed all the wiring. So this should be my base for detailing work, later, when the fuselage is completed.






Unfortunately the cylinder banks are bare of any engine outlet. The exhaust stacks not connecting to the engine block, to me, is the only remarkable issue with this nice and well detailed kit.




The exhaust stacks from inside and outside. The good thing is they should be easy to remove.






So this is the view with the engine in place. A resin exhaust set would be a real benefit to this kit!  :coolio:  :punk: 




Thanks for looking in!  :)








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I love this kit. I had the same problem with the canopy for my 1/24 P-51 by Airfix... had to send both pieces off to Boris for some polishing.

Wow, that's a cool idea! You did a very good job on your Mustang, also like your Emil, very inspiring! 


cheers  :)


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Thank you for the kind words and of course: Happy New Year Everybody! :) Ouch, I had a quite long night and may be not entirely sober at the moment, however...


When I said this is a well detailed kit I meant it is well detailed for its age. In my opinion all important parts are present and can be used as they are or modified at taste.


The starboard sidewall. I cut it into pieces and used all parts except the crank for the wing radiator flaps.




A first "cockpit-testshot". I received the kit about three weeks ago and started immediately and very enhusiastic:




Breathing apparatus and rudder pedals, both with minor modifications and still unfinished:




My first effort with the cockpit, almost OOB:




Port sidewall in the works:




Made the lever-ball from UV hardening glue:




The re-worked cockpit section. I didn't share this build from the start because I'm still not very confident with my paintjobs, which are nothing but crapshoot most of the time  :whistle: 




Here's one interesting pic from the munich museum's 109: It shows the headset connector (wrong word for sure) and the chain tensioner below. This aircraft with serial 790 is on display as an E-3 version, but was initially delivered as an E-1 in 1939. Don't get confused by the colors, the entire cockpit was fantasy-painted for display purposes many years ago:




So this is my future-glossy cockpit as it looks today, not glued yet. I think placard decals would look nice.






Thanks for looking in :)



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Thank you, Shaka HI and Alan! Wow, saving as reference, I really feel honoured...  


Today I tried to make some placards on my PC, just to see what I can do in 1:24 scale.


Port sidewall:

the upper one is printed on white decal sheet. The lower one is printed on clear decal sheet, applied to a piece of kitchen aluminium foil and then applied to the model with a drop of clear laquer:




Starboard sidewall is still in the works. Only added my decal to the switchbox today:




Thanks for looking in


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