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Revell Martlet V

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Can't find this boxing on scalemates or lsp, but I think it's old.

I think this'll be my first attempt ever at British camouflage...looks easier than rlm mottling.




Decals are more or less useless. Will cut some masks instead I think.



This was a challenge a monday morning. Edit: But as this is actually a tuesday, I don't know.

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Yup, I remember building the US version of that kit back around 1972-74....I think I built it at least twice.


Of course all my models from those days are long LONG gone....probably mostly death by firecracker....but I would love to see some of my efforts from those days today.  I remember I used to paint them whatever color I had lying around.  No attempt at authenticity.


But man, I built a lot of kits.  I bet between the ages of 10 and 16 I built at least 200 kits.

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Built this one....decades ago. bright blue with testors square bottle paint. Seem to be reminiscing a lot looking at all the WiPs...



These days a lot of people scoff at those old Revell kits, but for many they played an important part of our love for the hobby. I'm one of them.

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