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MY SCRATCH BUILT 1:20 SCALE B17G...phase 2

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Hi to every one default_smile.png


Well I'm back to try and continue with scratch building my B17G after a long long break.


Many of you who followed the "front end" of the build encouraged me to continue with building the whole thing..........I really didn't want to do it as it seemed almost an impossible task! :o ......I mean I am building this in 1:20 scale!.....it took me many many months to complete the fuselage from the nose to the bomb bay and the original plan was to leave it at that!.......after a long break from the build I am starting to think that maybe I should continue.


So this is the plan......................the next section to scratch will be the bomb bay. .......then the Radio room...then the aft section right down to the tail........of course for now I will build the bomb bay.


My idea is to build it the same way as the front section was built....leaving no detail to the imagination!....this will entail a lot of sleepless nights and headaches...as the front section did!


So I think first of all I would like to show you a 10 photo reminder of what I have scratched so far of this B17G...in 1:20 scale.....














So that's what has been done so far.......from the nose to the bomb bay


more to come.....................default_wink.png

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These next photos will show you the sort of detail I put in the front end and this hopefully will continue in the bomb bay!.................












OK......so that is the plan!


I will be continuing this build exactly the way I did the first part and that means using all sorts of material from Balsa wood to wire ,paper,cardboard scraps of plastic etc etc.!


This is going to take me months to build and I do hope that some of you come along for the ride ..as you did the last time!


I have to say that I was dreading posting this post as I knew that once I had ...I was kind of commit ed to doing it!default_unsure.png

...because with scratch building you never know what problems will arise!


So I will be back with the first proper post of the bomb bay soon


Cheers for now



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I'm a huge fan of your work. Looking forward to see your craftsmanship.


Thank you Cees...I am at the moment gathering together photos ,drawings ,information and of course all the materials that I might need.....should be doing my first post soon :) 

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Hi chaps

Lots of things going on this end...and un fortunately not linked to model making!.default_sad.png...so I'm afraid not a lot to report at the moment..............


However I did manage to work out  (sort of roughly)...how to go about this next section.


I had downloaded a B17G plans from the internet when I constructed the front end and luckily I never threw them away ....handy as I I hadn't planned to continue with the rest of the aircraft.... It had the details of the percentage I had to use for the print offs written down...which is good because I have a brain like a sieve and it saved me working out the calculation to get it to 1:20 scale again!default_smile.png


Here's a photo of the start of the bomb bay construction........




Not a great deal to look at really!default_rolleyes.gif


............but it's proof that I am trying to get the show on the road!!


The photo shows...if not at a distance!....that the bomb bay I will construct will consist of just 3x former's and held together with some stringers. I am using balsa wood as a frame (I find it easy to shape the former's etc)...and then there will be a covering of yogurt pots...thoroughly washed and cleaned by my dear wife!( cheaper than using plastic card and if any of you know how I build ...I do this as can't find plastic card here in Bulgaria!!)....then I will skin it all with alu-tape kindly donated by my good friend P.O Prune...as I did the front end....got to match it up you see!


I will be building the bottom half from a cross section of the bomb bay first...hence the photo looks as if I am building a blasted boat!default_blink.png....and then the top half and finally putting the two half's together.


...but I am getting way ahead of my self....I'll stop rambling on and get some constructing done!


Will be back with more pics soon !





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Hi to all


Here is post number 1 of 632 !default_ohmy.png


I found some time this afternoon to try and get this Bomb bay started...doesn't seem much to show but most of my time I am trying to think ahead of what I got to do now to fit in what comes next...so a lot of the time is spent staring at photos and books etc...I'm sure you know what I mean!default_hmmm.gif


All I have managed to do so far is to get the basic shape with the use of formers and stringers of a cross section of the bomb bay....let me show you.................








So this was built over the scaled plans as you can see using balsa wood.....after drying time it was time to take it off the board............




A lot of sanding down of certain areas is required to get it looking right...but other than that I have the basic shape of the bottom half.


Here it is up against the first section I built......




The aperture for the bomb bay doors will have to be marked and cut out later followed by an initial skinning of Yogurt pot plastic over the structure....but I will be constructing the top half first...which I think is going to be a lot harder than the bottom half!default_sad.png


Will get back to you when I have done that.





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