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  1. https://m.facebook.com/andrew.fenwickwalpole/albums/10154636650285488/ Have look at some of the other albums too. Lots of reference photos. Inside and out.
  2. I use Liquin. Mix a bit of that in and dryingvtime is reduced to some 24hrs.
  3. I would like to do bare metal. I have near - thousand lightning pictures of which I was planning to upload a few on this thread but photobucket is on a go slow. Whatever I decide the nose ring has to be riveted. XR728 I believe is on the whole unrestored and (correct me if I'm wrong) is one of three taxiable lightnings in the UK. Nose gear wheel well. Rivets here. Yeah. I was underneath it This is from an unrestored Saudi F.6. It appears to be painted high speed silver. Close ups of XR728. I took loads of any surface features from all angles. From Duxford. There are a couple at Abingdon, one of which has an unrestored finish and has Saudi markings and you have to really look for the rivets I will have to send Kevin a few walkarounds I think.
  4. Not plywood. I've touched that stabiliser and it's needed when it shoots down the runway with afterburners killing my hearing.
  5. Some more views. BMF photos to follow. They are there but do difficult to see. By the way this one shoots down the runway with it's afterburners.
  6. Thinking again of doing the Echelon Lightning. To rivet or not to rivet. I've got close to a few painted lightnings and you see screws but few rivets and on bare metal aircraft (photos to follow) they are hardly visible. Opinions. Should I add them as it would look good or go for accuracy and just add screws and selected rivets where observed? Been mulling this one over for about a year! I know what Trumpeter decided.
  7. The Shuttleworth Collections Mk Vc AR501 Spitfire should be flying again this year after a long restoration. I've a large collection photographs taken inside and out over the past few years.
  8. This forum is one of the better ones in my experience. I had a build removed and was thrown off another forum all because I questioned a moderator over something very minor.
  9. Sounds good. Wish it was a B though.
  10. Main gear doors up. I agree with that. If you trawl through WW2 pictures most do indeed show this. Same with the F100D I'm now doing.
  11. Don't forget my super walkaround on the website of the Shuttleworth Replica. I managed to insert my camera into lots of it's holes. Andrew.
  12. I rarely go for anything with more than one engine except for De Havillands but I'll make an exception for this one. Andrew.
  13. Yes Trump 105D canopy and spine. I'm about two months from spending month scratch building mine Please. Andrew.
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