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RAAF 20th anniversary hornet - the perils of polishing 23/12

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Great stuff Jim.


I've still got the A in the cupboard to build as a RAAF jet as a 77 SQN  aircraft in the Middle East - to go with my RAAF OCU A21-105.


Yours is looking sensational.



Thanks Whitey.  Keen to see your RAAF bird, when you get around to it.



wonderful progress on the front offcie and nose gear bay - details and painting is spot on.

Keep 'em coming



Thanks Peter, I appreciate it!



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Hey thanks Phil, only just saw this. At the rate I'm going it will be the slowest modelling drag race ever between my hornet and your Canberra, although you've got more justification for that than I do :P


More tomorrow morning ...




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Thanks Chavdar!

So I finally managed to get the cockpit done, except for the seat (got to redo the harnesses to RAAF standard). Here's how it went.

Before I installed the IP, with the delicate HUD, I wanted to have the front windscreen ready. That meant spraying the inside frame (Alclad gunmetal):



Next step was to glue the little dial on the inside right of the frame. First I reinforced the Aires PE part so it had some for the glue to grab:


Installed ...


Then I had to do the HUD glass. The Aires acetate was scratched, so I took photocopies ...


And taped some acetate sheet over it to guide the cuts ...




More in a moment.

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Here it is with some clear green on the edges of the HUD glass. You can still see the PVA glue drying on the glass ... I wasn't that happy with how it dried, but it was the second go so I decided to live with it.




Looks ok on a dry fit.




Glamour shots of the cockpit, with everything glued in:










More in a sec ...

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