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  1. Ahh Brick your missive made me giggle but I cannot let your fiction go unchallenged Game set and match you say ? I am impressed by your use of the term "photoshop" though your skills with it are clearly lacking. Your Etch a sketch graffiti attempt looks more like a cross between Salvor Dali, Picasso and Romper room. I do note your fetish like fascination with the Dual again. You also demonstrate a distinct lack of knowledge of fire control theory as the dual depicted is in pure pursuit rather than lead pursuit. The ventilation holes depicted are clearly of a size sma
  2. I carried the XA2 throughout my RAAF flying career. It was a neat little thing (that I still have) used to fit perfectly into the Flying suit shoulder sleeve pocket. Preset the F stop and shutter speed, Focus to infinity then hope for the best.
  3. Selfie (before they were a thing) taken on the flight that resulted in the cart ride. Over Langkawi taken with Olympus XA2
  4. Looking outstanding Eric. Great to see the images of Reg ... known throughout the RAAF as "Mice" a real "Mirage Experten" and one of the nicest guys on the planet.
  5. That is a magic match of subjects Eric, looking forward to to the build and tales.
  6. Brick I see you next to a Dual .... must have needed some extensive re training or someone in the back "looking after Sir" ? Of course some chose the passive route and merely accepted the hosing ... a real Fighter pilot never surrenders and opposes the onslaught no matter the circumstances
  7. That is really stunning Eric !.... cant wait to see in the flesh
  8. When Eric and I started exchanging Mirage technical info many moons ago he said one day I will build a Mirage that's significant to you. Here we see A3-13 to me perhaps the most significant Mirage of all well to me. A3-13 as built by Eric was as I flew her in the dawn Strike of My Fighter Combat Instructors (FCI) course. The Dawn strike is the FCI course graduation ride. Graduation from FCI course is the pinnacle of any RAAF fighter pilots career. Wearing that little blue shield shoulder patch is something pretty special. The course is close on 6 months long and covers the full gambit of R
  9. Absolutely Gob smacking .... beautiful work Eric !
  10. Looking Stunning Eric masterful work on the 2 OCU fin Flash. The RAAF paints names on Fighters from time to time. The first aeroplane I had my name on was A3-12 at 77Sqn. Now Eric's master piece depicts A3-13 this was the aeroplane I flew on my final ride or graduation ride "The Dawn Strike" at the completion of my Fighter Combat Instructors (FCI) course many years later. Now these two aeroplanes A3-12 and A3-13 are linked ... kind of Freudian really. At the time A3-12 had my name painted on it it had just received a replacement wing from none other than A3-13 so it was A3-12 1/2. T
  11. Very Shrewd reply Cheetah11 I sense in your ID some inside inside Knowledge
  12. Haha a book, well Eric I have actually considered one. Once I retire which is is not that far away it might come to fruition. The name is all ready set "Oscar Amedee Dashpot and me" would be its title I ll leave it to the sleuths out there to figure that one out
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