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  1. Nice! Currently working on the Bondi Blonde, 1 Sqn RAAF scheme.
  2. Story below images Hi all, I finished this yesterday as another commission build for an ex-RAAF pilot. You will notice no pilot whilst in flight mode....this was requested. It's the same 1/32 Italeri kit as the one I used to do Brick's Mirage last year. The story is below. I hope you like it. Serial - A3-75 Type - Dassault Mirage IIIO Based - 77 Squadron, RAAF Williamtown, NSW History - Was the personal mount of John 'Truckie' Carr until he ingested a ricochet fragmentation of a Mk.82 Snake-eye into the intake whilst practice bombing at Dutson Downs (18/2/80) near Sale in Victoria. As a result he had to eject at 3200ft and 230 knots due to no thrust and suffered minor injuries. Kit - 1/32 Italeri IIIE converted to IIIO specs with addition of RAAF spec panels re-scribed. Decals were from the kit, Roo Decals, Revell and Airscale. Home-made name titles. Reference - Darren 'Motty' Mottram's personal collection and of course his Mirage IIIO bible. Regards Andew
  3. Thanks again everyone for the advice. I will consider this approach next time. My mate collected it and he's happy with it.
  4. Cheers again everyone! Sorry for the delay in response but it is that time of year again.
  5. Thanks everyone for your comments and advice. I did clear coat the model before applying the decals and then again afterwards to seal them before applying the wash and then Dullcote. The decals weren't evident after the clear but as soon as I put the Dullcote on they reappeared. I will try scoring the decals later and running some Future under them to see if they settle better.
  6. Love it! As a Jolly Rogers fan, you have done an exceptional job on this.
  7. Hi all, Finished this last night for a mate who likes his models BIG! This is the Trumpy MiG-21MF and although I enjoyed the build as it's not something I would generally do, it turned out okay. The only issues I had with it were the underside fillet (top is not curved to follow contour of fuselage), the oversized rubber wheels (slightly bigger than the rim), and then these stupid kit decals which have silvered since hitting the model with Dullcote. Anyway, my mate is happy with it. I hope you like it regardless.
  8. Cheers Brick, It was a pleasure to have been able to build this and for you to see it with the Sabre. I have some goodies for you that I will send to you for you own build. I don't know if you noticed on the 1/48 jet table at ScaleAct that there was an orange and white two seat Mirage IIID A3-112? Was this the IIID that you flew with Scott?
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