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So I'm in with the Fly kit of the Arado.






One of the kit marking options is for one in RAE markings.





As luck would have it, I hava a Cutting Edge decal sheet in the stash which has the markings for the aircraft flown by then Lt Cmdr Brown.




Since the roundels and fin flash are already in the kit for a slightly different version, I just needed the yellow P emblem so the plan is to use one from the Meng Me 163 kit.


That about covers it for now. I'll probably start working on it later this week.



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COOL !........Harv :popcorn:


Thanks Harv!


Man, that looks huge...while I'm move towards 1/32 scale, I'm not sure at this moment where they'll end up at if I ever finish one...


It's definitely bigger than a Spitfire but it's not too bad.




It's smaller than a 1/32 Mossie not to mention just about any modern jet fighter. Space is definitely an issue though. I know I don't have the room if I built everything in my stash.


Excellent choice mate.


Thanks Brad! 

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First bit of progress tonight, I washed all the resin bits in degreaser and they're currently drying after a good rinse.




I then started going through the instructions and figuring out a plan of attack. I think I'm going to assemble the fuselage first and then add the cockpit it after. It looks like there's only about 4 parts that I need in order to get the fuselage halves together: the fuselage halves themselves and the MLG bays. 


Towards that end, I'm going to have to clean up the MLG bay openings as they're a bit rough.



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Guest Martinnfb

Excellent choice Carl, I will follow with interest .



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Thanks everyone!


I've had this for a bit so I decided to give it a try.




I'm not sure what the difference is between it and regular primer. It's looked like Mr Surfacer 500 in the jar.

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Primer looks good! :)



Thanks HÃ¥kan! I usually don't do a lot of printing but because it's Resin, I thought it would be best to do some.


And here are the bays with sooner paint on them now.




There won't be much seen once they're in so I think I'll just give them a wash and then see how they fit.


In the meantime, I decided to put one of the nacelles together. I used some Alcad on the intake and exhaust sections.








I used CA to glue the rear can in place but left the front one loose when I joined the nacelle halves together.




This way I could smooth the inner lip more easily.

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