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Welcome to the Edgar Brooks Spitfire Tribute Group Build! While Edgar's passing was sad for all of us, we'd like to make this Group Build an opportunity to celebrate his life and achievements, and above all, his passion: the Spitfire.


All LSP Spitfire kits are eligible, and can be of any marque, and finished in any colour scheme. Our standard rule, that the kit be no more than 25% completed at the time of entry, applies.


The Group Build will run from 17 December 2015 until 31 May 7 June 2016.


Let the builds begin!



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maybe i have to enter this group build and final finnisch my spitfire thats on the shelf for almost 2 years.

i only dondt know how far i got will take a look and let you know.


And if i enter the group build i will go for a Belgian spitfire.



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I would like to join.  I have a PCM Mk. IXc.  The sidewalls are installed with an coat of interior green, the seat and rails are assembled with base paint, the rudder assembly is done with a base coat of paint and the wells are installed with a coat of paint.  Is this less than 25%?

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Apologies everyone - I've mostly been off the forums for last few weeks - busy traveling all over the place - so playing catch-up.


Realise I've missed a number of build completions - will try and get the Gallery thread updated over next few days - please do not adjust your sets!  :)



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