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  1. Here is a tank I'm working on, or as we plane guys say, a target. I have one set of individual tracks run and fear of doing the other is why this isn't done yet.
  2. I always forget about this non-lsp forum and forget to post projects to my favorite modeling site. Here is The Penguin almost done. Its base acrylics (Acryl and Tamiya) with oil shading and highlighting. I need to finish the cuffs and add some woodgrain to the umbrella handle.
  3. Here are some pics of the cockpit coming along. I flung the tank on the right side into oblivion so I fashioned a replacement out of sprue with Tamiya tape straps. I still need to fashion and handle. Also, the main throttle lever broke off and the kit is missing a knob to begin with, as per my references, so I am replacing/adding it with little spheres from the freshness packet thingies that come with everything. I keep some secure and out of reach of our pets.
  4. Hey Everyone! I've started a new project, and everyone here who knows me well enough is laughing because, as Tina Turner would say it, "I nevah finish nothin'!!!!" But I'm gonna give it the ol' college try and not just add another kit to the shelf of good intentions broken promises. This will be Phil Rasmussen's plane that he flew at Pearl Harbor as the "Pajama" Pilot. I'm just about ready to paint the cockpit and I'm stuck on color, inside and out. My research has revealed that pre-war aircraft were either bare metal, silver dope, or gloss varnished bare metal - inside and out. I'm sticking with the last two as, especially in the Pacific, bare metal was asking for trouble. Like when I'm playing my combat flight simulator and all of a sudden, after getting shot at, there is an eerie silence and I switch to external view and my engine's gone, only in this case it would be due to corrosion. Does anyone have any other information about number 86? I figure the real colors are arbitrary as no one knows for sure unless they were there or heard from someone who was. I was pretty much set on Alclad aluminum or polished aluminum with a final coat of future for the bare metal/glass varnish option just because, without definitive info, I like that option the best. Thanks for the advice as I should have pictures of the cockpit up later tonight, or later this morning or early tomorrow, depending on your own personal time of day, nature imposed or self imposed or otherwise.
  5. Paint is looking awesome, David. I plan to do to the two tone Tunisia scheme for a Polish bird in honor of my wife being Polish and telling me a WWII Polish joke I had never heard. I would be interested to know how the Panzer Putty compares to Silly Putty, which I have, and have read about, but have not used under fire yet.
  6. Hey Gang, Gaps filled with my favorite, cheap card - Garage Sale Signs. I can get the big ones at Wally World for about $2.50 each. Now to trim it down, sand, fill and then spray Testor's chrome silver to test the seams.
  7. Any progress, Barry? Looking forward to seeing this one finished.
  8. Looking great, David. Hope mine turns out as good as yours is looking. Nice to know you're having fit problems too just to know its not me.
  9. Thanks, gang. I hope you have better luck with the Hurricane, Max, and thanks for letting me know it's not me, Dukie. Thanks Dennis, and Shogzz, my plan is to fill as best I can with card and then Liquid Plastic putty, forget the brand name. I never even have luck filling seams with ca.
  10. I've been struggling with this monster, although I strongly suspect I am the monster. Still, the wing to tail panel fit seems beyond any error I made. The big issues that I have been sanding and filling on are the wingroots, where the lower wing meets the nose and that darn aft wing insert. Almost done and the rest should fall together. Two general looks: Here is that aft wing insert: And the cockpit in place:
  11. Looking awesome! I wanna build one myself one day but.... I plan to do it in Australian markings with a kangaroo in the turret with binoculars - in reference to the movie. I may even hang some boxing gloves on the tank somewhere.
  12. I admire anyone willing to tackle what was clearly meant to be a toy and turn it into an accurate representation. These kits, the older ones at least, are great starts but need a lot of additional work. Great job!
  13. I have a Revell Mosquito in my collection, Max. But it's plastic. I need to find a wood model of a wood Mosquito!
  14. Thanks gang! Geedubelyer, it is proving to be a character builder. The resin cockpit is nice as is the PE (if I didn't keep loosing seat belt parts and placards). I finished the cockpit, as seen below, but getting the wing into place after I got the fuselage halves together was a challenge. As it was there are gaps at the root. I always have gaps at the root. I have gaps at the root even with Hasegawa kits. There's something wrong with me. I have four Tamiya kits in the wings, both Zeroes and both Corsairs, and if those wings don't just slide into place perfectly I'll know it's me. At least my plank on frame HMS Bounty Launch is going perfectly. I can give up plastic and build wood. But I digress. I finally got the wing on a filled the canyons with some card only to realize, I forgot to install the exhausts. Off with its wing! Now I can't find the exhausts I wanted to use (used the last of my Metalizer burnt iron on 'em too) so I may have to use the round ones. The wood kit is really going so much better. I can even bend frames successfully and that scared the poop outta me. Well.... here is the cockpit. The only other thing that is done is the fuselage halves are together.
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