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  1. Thanks, I will. I have the same decals also. I do have an entire CVW-14 airwing to build in 72 scale of the VF-1/VF-2 first cruise on the Big E. Really good build article you have going.
  2. Really nice work mate! I also have two 48 scale F-14's to build, VF-1 and VF-2 first cruise on the Enterprise.
  3. Very brave men and we'll never see another generation like them.Because of them, we are here and free today!
  4. Nice work Brain, I like it and it's coming along nicely.
  5. Really cool display. I feel sorry for the people who had to string them up and then take them down.
  6. Nice work! I read that it's not an easy kit to put together. You've done a great job.
  7. Good work on the F-4. Just a note the in flight refueling door should be flat and not bulged as depicted on the Tamiya kit. It should follow the contours of the outer skin of the air frame. maybe to late to do anything about it as it's just one of my little pet peeves with this kit.
  8. It builds into a good basic Tomcat. It is better than the Tamiya kit in some areas and if you could swap out the landing gear with the Tamiya gear it becomes the better of the two kits.
  9. A B-47 would be nice but it would be larger than the B-58. The photo below is a 1:31 scale model which is close to 32 scale. It would be a big kit!!
  10. I'll definitely be in for the Tomcat figure.
  11. Great I want one. Love the Turkey. Can you give us a hint as to what pose it'll have?
  12. Have you ever thought of doing something for the F-14 Tomcat? I think it would sell well.
  13. Good work Mark! We certainly have a great bunch of people on this board.
  14. Apparently he has problems with getting the clear vac canopy made. Lost his supplier or similar so he shelved the correction kit.
  15. As Steve said above, much better to use a donor kit. You'll not have to worry about shrinkage and such as you will with a resin copy.
  16. I like it and it looks really neat!
  17. Dave is correct by DS all A-7E's had the Stencil seat. I also prefer the Aires cockpit and Quickboost with belts. The cockpit fits easily without much sanding.Really wish the correction set would become available again. The kit will take some work as it's one of Trumpeters early kits. It can be made into a really nice model.
  18. I hate it when you get so far along and the finish line is in sight and then wham, two steps back. I would say humidity is the likely culprit. Hang in there you can fix it.
  19. Vitali

    1/48 XB -70

    That looks nice! You could go SEA Camo. Or this would look great:
  20. Excellent work. I really like the paintwork, well done.
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