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  1. Being a big Israeli aircraft fan I happened to have a small collection of decals to do many 1/32 Kurnass' . And that includes the sharkmouth-slated test Kurnass . Which squadron scheme are you looking for?
  2. Yes; During OIF. How often do F-15Es use them in general?
  3. Just found this thread. Awesome work you've done on your build . This one post have answered my questions/concerns regarding effective painting of a/c that live in the desert. I have several Israeli a/c builds lined up and was worried about getting that proper paint-fade look. Man; you've really nailed it as far as I'm concerned ! BTW; I'm looking for the same Isracast conversion set you're currently using on this build. If you know of any available please send me a PM .
  4. No prob, dude . I get the F-16 variants mixed up All. The. Time !!
  5. Just found this thread. Holy smokes; What an awesome build ! Will definitely continue to follow your progress.
  6. Ironic; That loadout does show something unique: The fuel tanks are WRM fuel tanks.
  7. Can you provide a pic or two of what you are referring to? Are they unique munitions compared to other campaigns?
  8. My sentiments as well. That being said; I would really love to do a Shep Paine Monogram B-17 diorama redux !
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