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Spitfire IXc - Tunisia/ltaly campain


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That kit I ordered from sealmodels.com for just 83.00 USD. Tamiya # is 60319. Guess the kit is known to the most inhere.





Addons I'll use with the kit are:


Barracuda Studios BCR32006 4 slots wheels. (maybe I'll scratch build some disc covers if needed)

HGW-seat belts HGW132801

Master MR32016 20mm Hispanos

Quickboost  QB32143 Exhausts

Quickboost  QB32152 Cockpitdoor

Eduard 1:32 ED32666 Cockpit PE-Set



At the beginning I planned to do either the Spitfire Mk.IXc  EN 446/QI-1,of  92 Squadron RAF in Italy……..


(But I'm not sure about it. It has some plus like big Yellow Codes (the missing Africa-campain batch I would take from Barracuda-Decals.))





………….Or do the the also attractive ZX+6 (but everyone builds this one.)






As third option and the one I would prefer to do is Spitfire IX, EN447, 4 FS/52 FG, WD-L


Which mixes british and US isignias in one. Here I like the 1943 US-isignia in combo with the RAF fin flash.



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If it would be my choice I would choose the 92.Squadron. They are not often seen and it looks good! I I have a MK Vb/Trop with Markings from the " IndiaSquadron " on my bench right now...I will follow your build with interest too!!!




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@Andy, you gonna kill me.😂 Your answer don't turn that to a mpre easier decision for me.😅😆


Now the first build post of my Spitfire. Started with Step 21 on the TAM manual and the wings. Leaving out the coolers and guns the wings does not contain less than 48 parts to assemble.


Here the .303 ports l drilled out and replace the kit guns by injection needles.





The position light are solid in the kit, so l cut rhem away and glued in a ckear part from the grab box.





Sanded into shape and polished with the Dremel. Later it will looks much better thus way.





Master Model AM-32016 guns. Nothing to say. Simply a dream. Arent they? Sadly they will be painted later.



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Tamiya missed the R&R nameplate on their rocker housing and to be honest the name plate on the Barracuda rocker housing seemed too rough. Just found this stainless steel beauties at www.iconicair.com and ordered 4 sheets of them including for my Tam Mossie.



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Guest Peterpools

Looking forward to following with great interest as I'm knee deep in Tamiya's Mk VIII Spit in Mediterranean cammo.

Keep 'em coming


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@Kevin, your are confusing me now. I'm was checking some pics after reading your post I got a wide spread about variants. :help:

Some engines with them, some engines with the name plate painted all black like the engine housing, engines without name plate. :BANGHEAD2:

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@Mozart same thought l had too. But IIRC only the Mk.XVI used Packard built engines. I think you'll differet kind of engines. Some with it and some w/o them. I think a big portion of the pics showing Merlins w/o name plate are just that the plate were painted the same color and are hard to rechon due bad pic quality. Just a thought.

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Slowly my building progress on the Merlin. I drilled out anything that looked  like a tubing connection and


begun the tubing of the firewall on components on the firewall. Still WIP but I wanted to bump the thread. J



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