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Junkers Ju-87 R2 Trumpeter 1/32.........FINISHED


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After spending the last 18 months building a couple of Spitfire's I thought it was time for a change of direction so for my next WIP I am going with this




Starting with the cockpit I have made a start on adding all the non pre painted brass from the Eduard set which is quite extensive with most of it being pretty useful.








Thanks for looking and your comments are always very welcome.


Regards. Andy

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This kit has a few shape/size issue's namely regarding the prop/spinner, engine cowling and wheel spat's and so I decided to purchase the very nice correction kit from Brian L Fawcett models and Patterns and have spent this afternoon taking a few comparison shots for you guys to show how badly out the Trumpeter parts are:


First off are the prop blades which on the Trumpeter kit are far to short and stubby as seen on the right of the picture.




And the correct size/ shape spinner compared to the under size Trumpeter part on the right.




Next up are the correct shape wheel spats with once again the incorrect shape Trumpeter part on the right




And finally the engine cowl and as you can see the there is quite a big difference once again




I definitely recommend this update set, the quality of the casting is second to noe and the corrected shape will make a huge difference to the look of the finished bird.


Regards. Andy

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Spent a bit of time today deciding which pilots seat to use either the very thick and overscale kit part or the Eduard etch part which is maybe a little to thin.




decided on the etch part in the end and this is what I have ended up with, a lick of paint and some HGW harness's and it should look pretty good.


regards. Andy

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Just FYI, the Brian Fawcett spinner is not quite the correct shape/size either (too bulbous).  Here is a comparison (from a different build) that illustrates this:


The Spinner comparisons: 1.Trumpeter, 2. Brian Fawcett Correction, 3. Henri Dähne




I've thought about getting the BF correction set for my upcoming build as the rest looks pretty good, but have a couple other options in mind I'll try when the time comes first to see if I can correct it myself.



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Not had to much time on this one lately but now have the cockpit assembly finished and ready for painting, I decided to not add to much extra wiring with just the obvious stuff around the radio added for interest.






Hopefully get some paint on this weekend, comments/ criticism always welcome.


Regards. Andy

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