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Stash relocation success! Almost.....


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Now the wife realizes just how many kits I have...... :fight:


I've moved the stash out of my workshop and into another area of our basement now that my son has finally moved out. Well, almost. He still has some  a lot of crap in there still.  Mostly car parts so I can help him work on his car this spring. But I have two typical industrial shelving units I had to "unbury" behind piles of crap in the workshop, and make room for my next project, the 8' X 7' x 2' deep display cabinet for my built kits.

In my workshop the shelves had a mix of car parts and kits.  Car parts are now gone, so I was able to consolidate the piles of kits to the shelves. But hidden behind a folding blind is another small stash not shown here.  It's my si-fi kits and subs and the behemoth 1/200 Arizona kit.  During all this I realized I "only " have about 150 kits.  Probably 140 too many  :mental: 

But when the second shelf started going up, that's when the wife questioned why so many, and my sanity.  BUSTED!  She now knows I'm a hoarder. I still don't care and I plan on ordering the new Revell F-4G as soon as it is available! Here's the new location:



Kits on the second from the bottom on the right are started kits. Well, except the balsa B-25. I didn't have the heart to throw it away last night.  I'll never build it and doubt if I'll find a taker for it with all the new 1/32 kits of it now.

Shelf above it is my aftermarket stash, bagged kits, etc....

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You need to condense there Scott!


I can get five Revell F-4's in one box. Stack the wings in the middle, fuselage halves to each side, parts numbered with sharpie where sprue tag can't be cut with part, bagged and number 1-5 on bag.


Not a big deal for me to do as I build more than one of something at the same time. Why not paint and detail two-three cockpits at once?

Same paint, etc.


Such similar tastes there, looks like ONE of my shelves.   :frantic:  :whistle: 

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Mr. ScottsGT,  I find your stash to be extreemly reasonable.  Even your proclivity toward hording phantom jets should be no cause for concern.  These jets are duely ballanced by the other eclectic non-LPS areas of your collection.  Surely conclusive evidence of a sound collectors mind.  Finally, now that you have shared this collection with your spouse you are free in spirt, mind and in good conscience to build your collection to your next level.  I leave you now.


S. Freud

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Do you SEE all this marriage thearpy we're offering??!! :wow:

Dang, bunch of good folks here, willing to help a fellow modeler. :wicked:

(I just want one Tamiya Navy version....that's it. :piliot: )






Right. I'm not greedy, one each F-14A, F-15C, A-10 and F-4E would be sufficient. For the sake of marital harmony, I offer up this simple (and humble) gesture, my contribution to your tranquility.

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Modelers.....just like my old drinking buddies.  Willing to take care of my wife for me if I got sick or had to leave town for an extended period of time! 


Phasephantomphixer, exactly what I'm planning to do once the display cabinet is built.  I'm going to line up the J's and start building a Blue Angel and the Bicentennial VX-4 and might throw in the E for good measure and do my Thunderbird at the same time.

I have a J on the bench right now building the Black Bunny.  Already painted, just working out all the details before decals. I've just been hesitant due to no where to display them when they are finished.

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Nice stash! Also nice to see how "helpful" everyone is. I'll "help you" with one of those A-10's if you'd like. :innocent:


I'm also somewhere between 150 and 200 kits, I think. Most of them are stored in my garage so the wife doesn't see them very often. It's best to avoid confrontation. :P Maybe you can cover them up with an old bedsheet?


Seeing a stash in the open makes her think about remodeling the kitchen... :(


To make room for more kits? :evil_laugh:

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I've found it's best to keep the stash put up out of sight. Seeing a stash in the open makes her think about remodeling the kitchen... :(


Too late!  It's been on the books for over two years now. Waiting on the appointment with the accountant to see how much damage is done to the tax refund first.  At first she was all upset because I moved the stash into that part of the basement, but as I told her, with the kitchen remodel on the books for this year, there is no way in hell we are going to be able to remodel the basement too. 

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