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  1. Dave, Thank you very much for the links and information! I lived in Satellite Beach when I was young and used to see these flying nearly every day (along with occasional rare aircraft like the U-2), but do not have references. I do not recall seeing these in the overall gray scheme, so the image links are a huge help. I am going to try to piece together some markings using Caracal and AOA sheets. These aircraft did not carry FL tail markings or other unique items (squadron badges, crew names under canopy, etc) during their Euro I phase, correct? Anything else to note for 549th aircraft outside of what was noted? -Mike
  2. Are there any references available for the USAF OV-10A Broncos that were stationed at Patrick AFB in Florida from 1979-1988? In particular, are there any references showing the markings for the 549th TASTS Broncos in Euro I? -Mike
  3. Good project. I'd second the Tamiya kit.
  4. Anyone know which USAF Broncos were flying/based out of Patrick AFB in Florida in the mid 1980's? These would have been in the Euro One scheme.
  5. Yes, they are present in the TRAM release, including the modified mold for the inner wing. Very nice kit.
  6. Which capacity Aero tanks were most commonly used on the centerline?
  7. That Old Man Blog is hilarious. He seems like a great guy.
  8. What do you like more about the Relish props, the attachment pins? They have been out of stock for a while...any good sources for them? Mike
  9. Actually, disregard. It appears that HK will be doing an early G down the line, which is good news for "Thunderbird" or "A Bit O Lace". -Mike
  10. That is the set that came with B-25J kits sold by HLJ.
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