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  1. Put it this way ... you wouldn't tell a lady she's a munter, or she might not take it too well
  2. The Wellesley and the Beverley were a right pair of munters as well. - Steve
  3. Apologies for resurrecting an ancient thread, but did this ever get built / finished? I ask because I have one winging its way to me as I sit typing this, and would be interested to see and read about other builds. - Steve
  4. That thing looks like several hours of extreme discomfort at best, a death trap at worst. No wonder it was swiftly abandoned. Would make a very cool model though. - Steve
  5. I can only humbly doff my optivisor to anyone contemplating such an ambitious project, and I wish you every success with it. :bow: - Steve
  6. Another vote here for the J1. Or one of the D.VIIs. They will ease you gently into the art of rigging (i.e. there's not much of it). Once you've built one WNW kit you will probably be hooked on them. So another tip would be that for now - rather than blow all your modelling budget on something expensive like a Felixstowe or an AEG - snap up some of the earlier "bread & butter" kits while you can, because in recent months they have been going OOP like it's going out of fashion. Two of the D.VIIs have already gone, but there are still two available (the 'Alb' and the 'F'). But how long f
  7. Marvellous work Eric. I wish I could knock 'em out that quickly (and to such a high standard as well). I picked this kit up for a song a while back as one of those "impulse buys", and seeing yours has made me very glad that I did. If I can get mine to look half as good as yours, I'll be a happy camper. Thanks for the share. - Steve
  8. I think I'll just chuck it all in and take up stamp collecting instead! Jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring are how I'd sum it up. - Steve
  9. Many is the time that I have told myself that I am not going to buy any more kits (at least for the foreseeable future), and will just "live off the stash" instead. The longest those noble intentions have ever lasted to date is about one month. - Steve
  10. I can't think of anything worse than PE rigging. Up there alongside PE chains in the pantheon of terrible ideas. - Steve
  11. There has been talk of these "special editions" for some time now (at least since the W.29 first went OOP) but all we've seen so far has been that one reissued as a "duellist" set with the Felixtowe. I agree that they will probably reappear in some form in the future, but on the other hand I'm not holding my breath. - Steve
  12. Whatever it turns out to be, you can bet your pension that the "very-nice-but-I-was-hoping-for-a-such-and-such" posts will quickly follow on the forums. No kit company can ever hope to please all modellers all of the time. - Steve
  13. Just checked the date of that auction and it was back in July 2012! Further investigation on the web told me that they were divided up into 170 separate lots that went for a grand total of 8,800 UK Pounds. Which still less than their true value. - Steve
  14. Worth a lot more than 6k. - Steve
  15. I've already had it with mine. She knows how much my stash is worth and I've told her how to best liquidate it if I shuffle off before she does. I don't like the idea of some chancer with a van making off with it all for peanuts. - Steve
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