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Ki-61 Tony; 68 Sentai, Weathering!

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Love the lines of the Hien!


I'm pretty sure I've seen decals for this one and I know that Montex makes a mask set that can be used to get what you're after. Their colors are a little different, but the tail insignia is there and included as a mask.


Looking forward to this one!



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Looks like a great start....


Also im very interesting camo pattern on the alu together with chipping, also noted the different pattern on the sides...

also i do beleive Montex masks is a go, specially in the mark on the tailsection...the red is outlined with white and very fine too.


So keep em coming, im very curious.



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A great kit and a super choice in paint job - I did that one some years ago. That one is presumably Shogo Takeuchi's plane. The bad thing - I found - about this scheme is that the red borders on the white stripes are pretty shabby. Very hard to do without it looking like a poor job from the modelers side (I failed).


I'll be watching for sure


A few pics of the real deal







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Nice choice K2. I'm hoping to snare one of these kits myself some day. I still have the Revell one to attend to at some point as well! Looking forward to your progress.




Aires makes a very nice pit specifically for the Revell kit, should you choose to go that route.

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