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Fw-190 D9 Revell "White 68"

Nic C.D.

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Building a D9 in 1/32 was always pretty high on my list, but somehow I never did. I was talking about it with a friend of mine, who told me: "I've got one in my stock, why don't you have a go?". So I did. (Thanks François!)


So, here she is, almost straight out of the box:




I chose a rather unknown aircraft: "White 68" of JG2.




This specific D9 has a handpainted white number 68 on both sides of the rudder and the typical JG2 yellow-white-yellow bands on the fuselage. 






I kept the weathering as realistic as possible. These aircraft didn't fly too much, but the poor conditions of the airstrips and shelters needed to be shown.




This kit is really a dream to build. Fit is nearly perfect, I don't think I used any putty except for the tiny sinkmarks in the propellor blades. I went easy and realistic on the weathering. No metal shining through the wingroots, just some primer and dirty bootprints. 






The underside of this D9 was interesting with dark grey at the front and RLM 76 on the aft part of the wings + the simplified crosses.  This photo also shows the weathering of the propellor blades. I painted these brown with a brush, put tiny bits of maskol on it and sprayed them dark green. After removing the maskol, it looks like the wood of the blades can be seen...




So, that's it for another late war bird in my collection. I hope you like how she turned out.


Thanks for watching!






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WOW !! original and well done paint scheme , I like this patch work of colors ... very beautiful job :thumbsup: ....If I had only one thing to say ( sorry) , the flaps should be glued in an angle of 45° , not at 90° 

bye Alain 

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Thanks everyone, much appreciated !


Skiner, I've used Gunze and Italeri acrylic paint for this build. Alain, I'll change the position of those flaps, I just placed them in the position given in the instructions, but that is easily modified! Thanks for the feedback! 


And thank you for considering it Kevin, and of course you can. I'll send you larger photos!



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