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1/32nd Pilatus PC-7 from Scratch - 07/04 Spinner & Air Intakes

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That looks superb - I can only imagine the sense of accomplishment you must feel at moments like that. ALL the work is yours and there'll be no other like it.




Thank you for your comment, Tom. I am certainly having a feeling of "self-pride" because at first I wasn't too sure I could even start with a project like this.

I do know for a fact it could be so much better but given this is my first serious attempt at finishing something from scratch, truth is I am very happy with what I've accomplished this far.


Lets just hope I wont disappoint in the end!



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For the past week or so I've been working back in the cockpit. As you may remember from a few pages back, the tub was just a basic shape devoid of any detail.


Well it was time to spice this up a little and I started with one of the instrument panels and it's central column.  Based on several reference shots (and a 3D model created by my good friend Patrick) I believe I was able to come up with a close approximation to what the real thing looks like, using a Micromart Punch-and-die, plasticard sheet and styrene rods of different calibers, besides high magnification glasses, steady hand, patience, an array of bad words I didnt know I knew and of course quite a few glasses of wine to round it up, ha!


And here is what i came up with afterwards.  I hope you like the end results!










Cheers, all.



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You are one talented, modest modeler...


Your work on the Pilatus is stupendous and your Scratchbuilding is second to none with Neat and flawless workmanship ..


Keep doing what you are doing... It's AMAZING..









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