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What would you like HK or anyone else who would like to make large A/C

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My Wish list is as follows


AVRO Anson Mk I

BAC Strikemaster Mk 88

Bell 47G Sioux

Bell UH-1D/H

DH Vampire Mk V

DH Venom FB1

EE Canberra Mk B2/ 12/13

Gloster Meteor Mk III

Lockheed Hudson Mk III/IIIa/V/VI

Lockheed PV1/PV2

Short Singapore Mk III

Short Sunderland Mk III/V

Vickers Vildebeest Mk III/V/Vincent



and a second to Johan's FW 200





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OK, heres is a patial list from me...Harv







Rock on Harv!

Did you say BUCCANEER!!!!

I'm with you on that one, 'bout time Revell got this one done and dusted + some Spey engined Phantoms too.

But then a new tool Mossie would be VERY nice as well!

It's good to dream.

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Air sea rescue planes would make for some great dioramas.

Kingfisher vought

Duck grumman

PBM martin mariner

PBY catalina (injection molded)


On another note:

B-1B Lancer not much larger than the 1/48.

B-58 Hustler

McDonnell F-101 Voodoo


Russian ww2


Lagg 5N

Yak 3


Another note for airfield dioramas

Tow tractors various types

Bomb trollies/train proppeller trolly

Follow me jeeps, mobile control tower jeep with b17 plexi nose for viewing on top.

Airfield construction usa bulldozer, japanese steam roller

Fuel trucks USA single and double rear axle

British, German, japanese fuel bowsers

Japanese, Russian inertial starter trucks

British airfield control towers ( like 1/72 Airfix)

South Pacific control towers

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