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  1. Really is fantastic! The props look like fine mahogany.
  2. For some reason any black I've tried has tricky drying times. Don't know why.ive only used the old formula Krylon with any success. Duplicolor decanted is great stuff. Duplicolor white primer is very similar to tamiya . I only use Tamiya on my good builds.
  3. Dave, Yeah there wil be gaps to fil especially at the curved lower wing root and my nemesis where the top wing meets the fuse. No recommendation on filler. Just use what you know. Hubert is right about the engine. You might want to pick up a Williams Bros. Gee Bee Z. It comes with 2 engines the P+ W jr. And sr. And two cowls.
  4. Really like that you are pursuing this build and not putting this collectible kit on eBay.i built the Staggerwings unlmtd kit a few years ago which is a repop of the old ITC kit. Popular opinion has it that your Scratchbuilders kit molds are based on the ITC kit with the addition of other parts and amore accurate placement of landing gear. This will be a special build!
  5. Dave, done right the staggerwing would be a unique and award winning model.9 mos. would definitely be the minimum amount of time to build this kit.Hope you do it!
  6. Testors put out a few kits in1/48. Mr. Mulligan,Ryan PT20,Laird mystery ship and Howard Ike. I think all are OOP.
  7. Kevin,I think a dremel polishing wheel is a recipe for disaster. Hard to control even at low RPMS. Try automotive rubbing compound ( not polishing compound)with a wet piece of t shirt. The pic below shows what a badly orange peeled surface can look like after afew sessions of polishing.
  8. Almost any general aviation aircraft especially from the golden age. Oh did you say marketable? Never mind!
  9. Judging is very subjective as you've found out. Having said that when you first posted your RFI I was very perplexed by the presentation of your excellent model. Why tie down a bare airframe ? What's with the bicycle spokes that look like wood dowel rods ( especially with your high skill set? Just saying as I really do like the aircraft on its own merits. Maybe the judges were confused.
  10. Try the decal method for the checkers. Cut a length of white decal trim the width of the checkers and apply to the prepainted red background. Worked for my Cub tail.
  11. Low risk wash is acrylic tube artists paint mixed with water to a sludge consistency. Wipe excess off with water. Color can be browns ,greys to black. Forgot to add that a gloss coat is needed for all washes.
  12. Exceptional. It really captures the light and delicate look of these early aircraft. I'll never complain about rigging again!
  13. When airbrushing with the compressor pres. Gauge set at say 20PSI the gauge fluctuates between 7-18 PSI while spraying. All my compressors do this. The question is what is actual pressure coming out of the AB during these fluctuations? What is the actual "useable" PSI?
  14. Don't use Boeing. Just label the kit Stearman. We'll know what it is!
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