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  1. Hi Brett, Scale issues of paint aside, historical information can be of value here too. The upper Wings/Tail planes of aircraft painted in USN Tri Colour Scheme (actually 4 colours) were painted in ANA Semi Specular Sea Blue (being a Semi Gloss), so will have weathered in in a different way to the Non Specular Sea Blue/Intermediate blues. For RNZAF aircraft based on Pacific island (along with USN/USMC units) the coral dust was a major issue, and cleaning it off was akin to chipping cement. Some RNZAF SU's (Servicing Units) who actually owned the
  2. Hi Brett, The RNZAF Servicing Units (SU's) generally tended to keep the Roundels (when/where possible) in good condition, The upper wing roundel on your model could be a little more dark blue.... This was a safety issue as well, as more than one Kiwi Pilot had been on the receiving end of a hail of bullets from an Erstwhile Allied pilot who fired first, looked later I have seen a WWII RNZAF Roundel on a P40 kept under cover for the last 6 or so Decades, that was still Dark blue even when faded. The Paints were BALM (British Australian Lead
  3. Roughly 3 Months Operational time, before returning the SBD-5's to US Forces at Renard Field (Russell Is) in as "New Condition" (words of accepting US Quartemaster) 25 Sqn returned to New Zealand was disbanded, and then reformed to return to the forward areas to fly the F4U-1 (A/D) Corsair in ground attack Your model is nice - couple of points The Roundels a tad too faded - as I mentioned in your WIP when they got that faded the US Star would show up underneath. The other (nothing to do with your build) is that Montex Masks don't include the 25 Sq
  4. Here in New Zealand we have a preserved RNZAF P40E-1, that had been in storage for the last 6-7 decades, unfortunately The Ring Sight is missing, but the Support is there, and is a metallic colour (Greyish) (Caveat the paint may have worn off) If you look at this photo of an RNZAF P40 in the Pacific, the Ring sight is a dark colour, so could be Black, or as you suggested Metallic Grey/Fuselage colour (RNZAF Official - RNZAF Museum - used with Permissions) Regards Alan
  5. Hi Brett, Looking really nice - Great Tutorial on Painting RNZAF Roundels with the Proper colours. I'm picking you're meaning the RNZAF Fin Stripes on the tail? Looking forward to see how you do those. I have often found it some what ironic/comical that some modellers/Decal Producers will tell you with Authority, that WWII RNZAF Pacific Roundels were a light shade blue and paint the Fin Stripe with a dark blue (common sense would tell you it's one or the other....) Looking forward to the final reveal Thanks for sharing your bui
  6. Hi Brett, Correct The RNZAF SBD 5's are probably the only front line aircraft in our WWII Air Force in the Forward Pacific areas,that didn't get too weathered, as opposed to say the F4U's Regards Alan
  7. Hi Brett, Looking good, the RNZAF Pacific Roundel looks fine, the US Insignia Blue probably would be fine too The SBD-5's only served with 25 Sqn for roughly 3 months, (3 months in the Pacific Sun can still give reasonable wear on the paint - but not to the real faded look). When handed back to the USMC/MAG the Quartermaster stated they still looked as "New" Hope that helps? Regards Alan
  8. It's a little known fact that there were 4 "Gloria Lyons" aircraft. 3 x P40's and 1 x F4U-1 Corsair. The Ventura Decals version is the last Gloria Lyons P40, being a N model being NZ3220 I too have a Gloria Lyons build to do, using the Trumpeter P40N, but plan to build her as in this photo from the RNZAF Museum after arrival back from the forward theatre and repainted in NZ Foliage Green/NZ Sky Grey NZ3220 Gloria Lyons Regards Alan
  9. Hi Brett, The White Stripes and Tails were for Identification purposes, as the P40 bore (at a distance) a similar plane form to the Japanese Ki 61 Hien (Tony) Regards Alan
  10. Hi Brett, Apologies, I should have been a little more specific for the SBD-5's. The 25 Sqn SBD-5's were the only aircraft in RNZAF Inventory that wore the RNZAF Roundel in 4 positions (as in US aircraft) - they were loan aircraft, from USMC/MAG, until the TBF-1c/F4U-1 came to the forward areas. All other RNZAF Aircraft both forward Pacific areas and at home in New Zealand wore roundels in 6 positions (including RNZAF SBD-4's in forward areas) Check out this RNZAF P40 (Gloria Lyons NZ3220) (RNZAF Official - RNZAF Museum - Used with Permission
  11. Hi Brett, I've been following along with your build, and just letting you know there is a lot of Misinformation/Perpetuated Myths about WWII RNZAF Roundel colours. Whilst the Paint Colour is made by BALM (British Australian Lead Manufacturers), the colours can never really equate to FS colours, as FS Colour Standard didn't exist in WWII. The other Myth (yes even in Kiwi land) is that RNZAF Roundel faded to some light colour blue. After X amount of Decades in the Rukuhia Aircraft open storage yards yes, but not in the forward operational areas - also b
  12. I don't know, these Spitfires at the Castle Bromwich factory, their fuselage camouflage applications look pretty identical to me? Spitfires Castle Bromwich
  13. This Photo link shows Curtiss Workers using templates on a P 40 Wing, whether it's an F Model ??? Curtiss Wing Paint Templates If you click on this link, and scroll down there are good colour photos of P 40's in Desert Camouflage (some look to be more M's than F's), and it certainly looks hard edge RAF Desert P 40's Edit - This looks to be an F model - Camouflage a little more harder to see, but again certainly looks hard edge -This is from the Asisbiz Website - So I'm a bit Leary of their Photo annotations P 40F
  14. Sandro, Given that the Federal Standard code did not exist until well after WWII (circa 1950's), trying to ascertain what Green tinted Zinc Chromate was used by Douglas (paints mostly Fullers manufacture as I understand it) and Post WWII FS colours is a bit like the proverbial "Square Peg in a Round Hole". The two do not match. The other issue you have is, are you building a Pre 1940 or a post 1940 aircraft? Pre 1940 TBD's most likely would be "Aluminum Lacquer" interiors as opposed to having Green tinted Zinc Chromate. The M&R manual for Cur
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