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1/32 - Spitfire Mk I

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I indeed think I am done with it, while looking at it, I still can see 2 things that needs touch up again (will you see those?) but that is a matter of minuts so no big worry I guess.


So ... what was these two things which needed touch up? Just curious, since I can not see anything jumping into my eyes :coolio:


Anyway, it's a great looking airplane and I can't wait to see it all together in your diorama! :clap2:

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Karl, Tomek,


thanks a lot guys, you are too good with me.

regarding the 2 things that needed touch up... well:

- the exaust internal are still brown on the pic, I forgot to paint those black

- the gun muzzle where covered with the red decals and the decals where drilled to simulate the bullets going through those but, when I applied the decals, the muzzles were of the overall color grey + brwon/green so they too needed a touch of black inside

Both have now been corrected ;)

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Thanks a lot guys,


your kind words are much appreciated.


Ron, I do know about the flap thing but I just could not resist to display them open... I am a weak modeller :D


I have been working on the shed and the rest of the dio but I am off on business trip for a couple of days so I shall post pics when I am back.


Thanks again all,

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Thanks very much my friends.

You certainly are too good to me but I am very happy you guys like it.


I was away for a few days but now that I am back, here is a little update on what was done lately starting with the shed which now has a roof!








I am now almost ready to start detailling work on this one...


I have also been working on furnitures, some were done for the Tempest dio that never happened, some others are brand new...




Thanks for following guys!

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Thanks Jamme for your kind words!


I managed to do some more work on the furniture...


The main board shows records, letters, etc... and the black part will need some further detailling




The burner then, just painted




The chair






The radio equipment






And the main table with maps, books, cups of tea and games ...




Thanks for passing by guys!

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