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1/32 - Spitfire Mk I

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Thanks Cees,


as I said, it is not yet completed.


The parts were only put the one on top of the other just for the pleasure to shot pics but, just as exemples, I guess a gunsight would be welcome, the rear window is still taped, etc... Still a lot of details to go through before I can claim this one finished.


Also, there is this diorama going on, I will post pics of the shed later and I will also recycle the figures I initially intend to use with the Tempest (but I never finished the diorama).

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as promised, here is a couple of pics of the shed for the diorama.

It is not yet complete of course...






The flash light tend to increase the contrast on the pics, fortunatly, the effects are significantly more subtle...

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Well I didn't realise you were doing a shed as well Loic!

Absolutely marvellous!!!!


I have discovered a lot more about the "Phantom Menace"




It seems the dark lords of the Sith are rising again!!!!! :evil_laugh:


Phil :thumbsup:


Watch out...................


Or the Sith may just rise again.........



(at least until Dec 32st 2011 that is.)



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Hello guys,


that star wars thingy is fun and I will stay on my guards ;) unless...


... unless I officially claim this Spitfire completed :D


I indeed think I am done with it, while looking at it, I still can see 2 things that needs touch up again (will you see those?) but that is a matter of minuts so no big worry I guess.


Here are some pics:













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So, end of the build as far as the bird is concerned but this must not mean the end of the thread as I really want to go to the end of this diorama this time.


If it happens you still like it then stay tuned guys!!

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Thanks a lot guys :speak_cool:

I am glad you like it as I think it is not quite easy to "convince" with a Spitfire build considering there are so many specialist around that can spot the smallest problem in a second...

That caravan thing sounds interresting Keith, that for sure would be an uncommon dio.

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