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1/32 - Spitfire Mk I

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Hello everybody!


Guys, I miss the group builds thingy and I have a Revegawa Spitfire I started long time ago that is begging me to finish it.

It is a Revell and Hasegawa combo issue, sold by revel with the Hase fuselage from Mk V and a pair of Mk I new wings.


The point is that I think it is argueingly well over the 25% limit due to some detailling work that has already been done :D .

I asked LSP Dave if he would accept me in ( Dave, please check your PM ) and I am waiting for his answer.

I guess it is also important to ask you guys if you would accept me in.


So, please let me know if it is OK with you that I enter this build assuming I wont participate to any kind of pol for eventual price, etc... I only want to be a part of the GB ;)


Cheers all,



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Hey Loic!


I look forward to seeing what you can do with the old bird. I have the original Revell boxing and would love to see you work your magic.



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as promised, here is a first batch of pictures of the cockpit as a start.

It was done several years ago and I had no digital camera then so I unfortunatly have no in progress shots.

Anyway, I hope you will like it.


The sidewalls to start with.

The details are mainly done with electrical cables and fake stickers.






Then, the seat assembly unit.

The seat was equiped with a "leather" cussin and eduard belts (early type).

The armor plate was thinned.

The control stick was detailled with clothe string to replicate the typical aspect of the handle, it was thinned and detailled with lines/pipes, etc... Also, the sides of the stick have been discarded so one can see the chains/cables.

The rudder controls have been detailled with straps and set up with an offset to match the rudder orientation.

The floor has been detailled also with cables, etc... and the structure was reworked, the holes are done with dremell tool.

Finally, the IP was hand painted.












Here are 2 shots of the sides assembled with the seat unit.







Last but not least for the pit, I have made yesterday a small part to replicate the fuel tank that will be fitted in from of the rudder control. We wont see much of it when the fuselage is closed but in case someone lurk in there...




That's more or less it for the cockpit area ;) , still to come are port wing details with open gun bays and an engine :D


Hope you like it guys,





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Hi there!


I have been away for a while but managed to find some time tonight to post some more pics.


So, time for engine work! The base is actually the Hasegawa P51 engine. I have removed a few parts and added a lot of details made from electrical wire and card.


The engine chassis/frame/mount was made from aluminium tubing and card. I actually use some electrical wire that I slide into the tubing in order to have a mount that is still flexible thanks to the wires but stiff enough so it does not fall in pieces when to test fit it. Then, when you are reasonably happy with the all thing, you start to progressively (little by little) put some super glue into the "joints" until everything is rock solid. Adding the glue little by little allows adjustement to be made during the process. I have also used this technic to create a Hurricane cockpit frame and it works great!


so, once again, it is all assembled and painted, I have no WIP pics unfortunatly but you got the idea I suppose:










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