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Legendary Blackbird - YF-12A "Project KEDLOCK" (3D Printing in 1:32 scale)

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31 minutes ago, LSP_Kevin said:


That's interesting! I've been using Elegoo's ABS-Like resin from day one, and never felt the need to try anything else.


Are you using water or IPA washable resin? Last time I have ordered four bottles of Elegoo Grey IPA washable together with Saturn 3 Ultra and Mercury XS to have everything from the same company. But the Sunlu/Jayo prints are much better than Elegoo ones and they look like "injection molded parts", very smooth and satin shiny.

Elegoo resin fails especially on the areas where the details are extremely fine or thin wall thickness (e.g. louvers, pipelines, harnesses and wiring etc).

In my early 3D projects I was using Anycubic resins which was more or less similar to Elegoo.

To increase the stiffness (or to reduce the flexibility) of ABS like resin a little bit, I did some mixing experiments with standard resin. Most of the time I mix 80% ABS with 20% Standard (both from same brand i.e. Sunlu/Jayo) which gives very good results.



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On 7/10/2024 at 5:26 AM, Serkan Sen said:

Thanks Daniel. Earning extra money would be nice (especially when it comes from hobby projects :D). But not only finding a proper server to store the data but also to avoid any potential problems with the tax office, currently I am not offering any stl files to sell. But in (near) future why not? :hmmm:

I need to have a look how to register as a small business and how much effort is needed to keep such business here in Germany. There are a lot of strong regulations to obey including GDPR etc.



"There are a lot of strong regulations to obey including GDPR etc.".... Come to Brazil!!!!! Do you know Amyr Klink? He is a famous Brazilian sailman, circunnavigate the polar caps a couple of times. He is the only brazilian to build a sailboat made out of aluminum sponsored by a Steel company! He uses to say: "if you are a enterpreneur in Brazil you can be one at every world´s cornner."

If it is hard to be one in Germany, here in Brazil it is ten times harder!!! Believe me!!!!

Good luck hope you manage to set up your 3d print model company.

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6 hours ago, TheBaron said:

Top work as always Serkan.


I read with interest your comments on Sunlu/Jayo resins - have you noticed any particular differences between these two?

Many thanks Tony.  My project looks like a toy when I compare it with your magnificent Westland Wasp.

My personal opinion is they are 100% same product even with the same bottle design. Maybe this either a marketing strategy or the same manufacturer produces the resin for both. But I haven't identified any difference and mixed them up in resin vat very often.


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Printing all the nozzle parts is complete. All details are much more visible than the smaller scales:




To give you an idea here are the nozzle parts placed on 65cm long 1:48 Revell Blackbird:



They are really big! The more part I print the more I am getting anxious! Definitely it will be very difficult to find a proper place. Maybe I can donate this bird to a museum (e.g. here in Hamburg, Miniatur Wunderland...)



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