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    Uncarina reacted to S.Pelletier in 425 Alouettes CF-188 Hornet (Academy)   
    Hi Kevin,
    I'm back on on it... Stokey Pete sent me the piece i was missing... Will post some pictures soon
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    Uncarina reacted to John Everett in Cessna 172 Floatplane (1/20,Nichimo)   
    It's up on floats and the engine, at least three of the four cylinders, is installed.

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    Uncarina reacted to Jennings Heilig in Interesting shot of odd HVAR colors   
    Taken OTD in 1945 off Okinawa...  Note the HVAR rocket bodies appear to be white and the fins are a much darker color.  Everybody assumes the rockets and fins are silver and the warheads are OD.  But we found pics from the Block Island with silver fins/bodies, but creamy off-white warheads!  Standardization?  We don't need no stinking standardization!
    Also note the rather roughly painted white cowling.  Visible brush strokes, uneven edges, rounded corners..
    If only this was in color!

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    Uncarina reacted to Dart_Schatten in 1/32 Fly Arado Ar-234 B-2   
    Good day, colleagues!
    Allow me to present my new finished model - Arado 234 blitz bomber.
    I added some wires in the cockpit and 1000/500kg bombs from MDC. Also i've used tonnes of CA glue and putty...
    Model finished by Gunze paints (rlm 76, rlm  82), AK real color (rlm 81 (3 variant)), and Tamiya.
    AA code painted with masks.

    Thank you!
    Regards, Sergey Budyansky.
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    Uncarina reacted to artoor_k in Bell X-1 "Glamorus Glennis" 1/32 Revell/Monogram   
    Bell X-1 Revell/Monogram 1/32
    Painted with Tamiya and Mr. Hobby paints. Weathering is done with AMMO MIG and AK INTERACTIVE.
    Base is made with AK Crackle Effects.
    I've modified hatch lid, rescriber raised panel lines, added a few wires behind the instrument panel and basically that's all. Hope you'll like it

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    Uncarina got a reaction from Stokey Pete in My first double build, and it’s quite a challenge.   
    Really really nice, and you nailed the colors inside the exhausts!
    Cheers,  Tom
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    Uncarina reacted to LSP_K2 in Academy AH-64A Apache   
    I have one of the old Imex kits, but accidentally stepped on the canopy section and smashed it. Perhaps this might be an opportunity to snatch a replacement.
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    Uncarina got a reaction from scvrobeson in Ducks to water?!   
    I love duck rescues! I had to stuff 4 ducklings that I rescued (located between freeway and railroad tracks) in my bike jersey and ride in ~38C weather to my daughters school where my truck was parked. We brought them home and raised them on turkey mash in a cardboard box and a bathtub. In six weeks they were ready for release and I saw their successful debut in a lake in Tucson by my wife and daughter, shared to me via video while I was in Namibia!
    Cheers,  Tom
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    Uncarina reacted to Chek in Revell 1/32 Me262 A1 / A2 (kit 03875 of 2019)   
    For filling and then scribing, the most important thing is to have a uniform surface, and overlaid fillers of whatever chemistry just can't do it in my experience. If you look at professionals who produce outstanding scribed detail work, like Chris at Zacto Models for example, they'll produce a complete 100% resin piece then scribe it exquisitely as the material is 100% consistent and predictable.
    The most satisfactory and consistent method I've found after decades on regular plastic models is the use cyano thick or thin depending on the application. The cannon bay doors would only require the thin type. I don't use any accelerator, so when building up layers if required, I'll wet sand the area. The water and the sanding slurry help set the glue.
    The important step is to wet sand, level and rescribe the cyano filled areas within minutes. The glue sets to the same consistency as the plastic and remains soft and scribes cleanly for a short time, i.e. about 10 minutes or less. After that - or if accelerator is used -  it fully cures and is very hard and brittle, and scribing will cause edges of your new lines to chip and flake. If what you're doing can't be all done within that time window, then work on smaller areas as you go.
    There is never a problem with feathering in edges or lifting or peeling and it's very manageable if worked within the time constraints. The technique works on plastic -plastic joins, resin-plastic joins and adding fillets to PE if required. Different brands may well work to slightly different timings, but that's a case of learning about your brand through trial and error before continuing.
    Looking forward to your build as I have Revell's single and two seat versions to build at some point.
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    Uncarina reacted to Grunticus in Revell 1/32 Me262 A1 / A2 (kit 03875 of 2019)   
    Having focussed on Dutch military aviation for quite a few years with my modelling, I recently developed an interest in late-war German aircraft and other WW2 stuff. When I saw this new-tool 262 was available for € 30 in a modelling shop in Düsseldorf, I bought one (together with a ZM D0-335 A-12 and Revell He-162). I'm a bit late with a build thread since I am already well into construction. It will be finished as per the box-art, albeit with a different Werksnummer as I learned the one on the decal sheet in incorrect. Many thanks to Jennings Heilig for taking time to help me out and even provide a DXF file with the correct serial number 170061 so I can cut it with my Silhouette cutter.
    The kit is very well detailed (especially for the price) and fit generally is good to very good so far. The exception to that is the gun cover door. I will display one of the two open and separated the panel with no problems. Getting it to fit in the opening however, is another story. The part is narrower than the opening by about 1.5 mm, and it's shape is warped compared to the fuselage shape. I had to battle it into position, which took me three attempts and two day. This because it would keep popping open. For now, it seems I finally got it, using stretched sprue, thin cement, Surfacer 500, and one pound of elbow-grease:

    The level of detail is quite satisfactory:

    I tried some re-scribing using a new set of tools I bought a while ago. Looking all right. I will be re-scribing various details on this one.

    This is what the ' natural' fit of the wing root looked like (all sorted now):

    I started on the landing gear as well. I will add details to the main gear legs myself. No one could accuse the Germans of designing flimsy landing gears :o) The gear on this kit seems very sturdy. More pics next time.

    The instrument panel that comes with the kit. Not bad at all. For the He-162 I got a Yahu example which looks really lovely.

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    Uncarina reacted to repeater in ZM SWS P-51D Red Dog XII   
    Hi all,  I'm new to the LSP forum.  It's time to contribute.   Let's start with a build. 
    I'll build the 1/32 ZOUKEI-MURA Super Wing Series P-51D.   Here's the box art: 

    Given the global lockdown, my theme is making do with what I already have ie. not too much aftermarket!  Of course there's an enormous amount of detail in this kit already. 
    It looks like, out-of-the-box, this is a later P-51D variant ie. P-51D-25-NA.  Which means the only applicable scheme in the box is this one:  
    'Red Dog XII' QP-O assigned to Major Louis H Norley, Commanding Officer of the 334th Fighter Squadron.
    Image courtesy of the Imperial War Museum 
    The aftermarket I'll be using is 
    Barracudacals P-51D Mustang Cockpit Stencils and Placards HGW fabric seatbelts and wooden floor decals   
    Reference material as follows:

    I was planning to use the kit decals, but I'd used the stars & bars on another build.. thankfully, Iocally I managed to find DN Models paint masks.

    The masks were designed for the Tamiya kit, however the box art scheme 'Blondie' is also a red nosed bird from the 334th Fighter Squadron.
    Squadron codes QP-U for 'Blondie' should easily modify into QP-O for 'Red Dog XII', minus the red letter outlining.  Note the misprint in the masks (PQ and not QP!), but again this should be easily fixed.
    Wish me luck. 
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    Uncarina reacted to Royboy in Academy AH-64A Apache   
    I agree totally! 
    I would have thought that at the very least an upgrade of the kit would have been helpful in it's re-release?
    Perhaps one is in the planning stages later on?
    If not, Academy is ignoring the potential for some extra sales here I think!
    Failing that, this aircraft would be a great candidate for a brand new AH-64E kit from Kittyhawk Models!  
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    Uncarina got a reaction from mozart in Ducks to water?!   
    I love duck rescues! I had to stuff 4 ducklings that I rescued (located between freeway and railroad tracks) in my bike jersey and ride in ~38C weather to my daughters school where my truck was parked. We brought them home and raised them on turkey mash in a cardboard box and a bathtub. In six weeks they were ready for release and I saw their successful debut in a lake in Tucson by my wife and daughter, shared to me via video while I was in Namibia!
    Cheers,  Tom
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    Uncarina reacted to easixpedro in HH-60G Pavehawk Kitty Hawk 1/35   
    Great Googleymoogley! Every pic you post of this cabin I'm floored! Those figures are amazing and your paint work just brings them to LIFE! I think the most common error I see with figures is a slightly glossy sheen to the fabrics, but this actually looks like a well worn 2 piece flight suit. You can see the danged stitching on their woodlands! And that Harness attached to his survival vest...holy smokes, I want to cinch it down like a torso harness! Even his Belleville desert boots are perfect. 
    Seriously good show!
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    Uncarina reacted to Pete Fleischmann in HH-60G Pavehawk Kitty Hawk 1/35   
    Hey all-
    I needed a little more contrast between the glare shield and the combing that goes around the edge of the glare shield- a simple rub with Tamiya Oil Stain from their weathering kit “D” did the trick-
    busy adjusting the fit of the cabin interior to get the fuselage halves ready to close-
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    Uncarina reacted to chukw in NATO's LanceR- UPDATE 5/26/2020   
    Thanks, guys!
    In this thrilling episode, we take a long, hard look at the ejector seat trolley- read on!














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    Uncarina reacted to mozart in Ducks to water?!   
    So there we were, Lins (my wife) and myself, doing a bit of gardening when along comes Mama Duck, calling loudly and receiving back many cheeps! Trouble was, her ducklings were the other side of our deer and rabbit-proof fencing, in amongst stinging nettles, brambles and much other dense undergrowth. I climbed over the fencing and set about re-uniting Mama and babies, handing each one carefully to Lins. Mama sensibly took them straight onto the pond.....duck to water comes to mind.  Long story short: 3 hours later we had found 8 and Mama gradually stopped calling, but we thought one was still missing. Despite all our best endeavours we never found it.  Later in the afternoon the duck parade marched off to the lakes next door. Entertaining, worrying, rather sad but delightful to see all the babies. Enjoy!

    Not easy for a day old duckling to get through.....nor for a 72 year old to find them!


    Warm and drowsy!

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    Uncarina reacted to Out2gtcha in ICM Gloster Gladiator   
    Indeed. If that being the case, one could just get the Sea Gladdy release and have the ability to build any of the 3 variants. The only obstacle would be decals. However, having a Silhouette cutter, I plan on making my own scheme via the cutter anyway. 
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    Uncarina reacted to Trak-Tor in ICM Gloster Gladiator   
    Real sprue photo:


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    Uncarina got a reaction from shadowmare in IBG PZL P.11C "Dzwonek" 1:32   
    Truly magnificent work and photography! You’ve brought this to life!
    Cheers,  Tom
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    Uncarina reacted to shadowmare in IBG PZL P.11C "Dzwonek" 1:32   
    Hi guys!
    New kit from IBG, full of details and with realistic surface on wings and fuselage. Unfortunately not without some issues like wrong propeller and headrest. Plastic sharpness could be better too. Company from Poland - BitsKrieg is already making replacements. I used some of them.
    List of changes:
    - Own printed decals and masks 
    - rivets added on engine cover and on bottom of fuselage,
    - engine cover hinge removed,
    - cables added,
    - headrest was entirely covered in leather pillow,
    - mirror replaced,
    - movable elevators,
    - landing gear strenghten,
    - ailerons positioned,
    - YAHU IP and Radio panel,
    - compass added,
    - propeller,spinner, front engine cover BitsKrieg
    I recommend this kit, because it's fairly simple and comes together fast.
    More info about pilot and plane, he destroyed Hs-126 in September Campaign:
    WIP topic:






















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    Uncarina reacted to Dave Roof in Trumpeter 1/32 AV-8B II Plus for 231 outgoing CO   
    Trumpeter's 1/32 AV-8B II Plus, built in four days and is a four footer at best! All markings were painted on using masks created on my Cameo Silhouette (these are on a future decal sheet, but needed them now). Centerline pylon and APKWS Pod (not shown) were designed in Fusion 360 and 3D printed (also future releases). Base was made and donated by a fellow Marine.
    This is being hand delivered to VMA-231 today and will be presented to LtCol Grunke at a squadron party tomorrow evening. It's his going away gift as he relinquishes command.





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    Uncarina reacted to LSP_Ron in Best 109 kit ?   
    Here is Ray's two part article.
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    Uncarina reacted to chrish in Best 109 kit ?   
    Just my $0.2c  worth, when building the Dragon Cyberhobby 109 E, thin the inside of the cowling above the guns/behind the engine. I found it fouled on the guns and prohibited a clean fit. (The only issue I had with my kit) I scraped it thinner with a curved hobby blade in a couple of places (right above the gun breeches) and it dropped into place perfectly...pics if you want to see what I mean.
    Enjoy the kit, it's a gooder!
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    Uncarina reacted to kkarlsen in 1/32 Spirit of St. Louis??   
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