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  1. I remember building a 72nd Skycrane back in the day when I was a young un! might have to look at geting one for old times sake!
  2. Beautiful as usual! that detail is picked out superbly well. Keep up the great work.
  3. Just seen this Brad! one close call. Glad your OK and hope you make a quick recovery. Material things can be replaced.
  4. far from it......put them in the crapper!
  5. That really does look good. Not getting ome myself but i will be interested in seeing others as they get built.
  6. This is just sublime! I’m making slow progress based on your build and hopefully I’ll have mine into paint soon. This is outstanding!
  7. so sorry to hear this Tim. thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time.
  8. Stunning! absolutely stunning! the time and effort taken in build and preparation ha paid off in spades. That paintwork is gorgeous. Keep it up! and Landrotten, come in the water is lovely!
  9. Just been reading through this thread and it is truly fascinating. I have to say, on the point of the quality of the figures they are absolutely top notch. My rendition of Maureen is here if anyone wants .
  10. Ah HA! ZM used Black 6 at RAF Cosford for their measurements! Excellent! shes just up theroad from me!
  11. Amazing...... looks beautiful Made a start on mine now so looking back through your thread for the hints and tips!!!
  12. Dedication to the cause. Great work and well worth the effort although I am surprised at the HPH exhaust solution. I would have thought they would have been spot on!
  13. Thanks all. Certainly was Mike. A great kit generally with the exception of the spine as mentioned. really enjoyable. forgot to mention, I left the wings and props as removeable if needed.
  14. I'm genuinely shocked all the photos are still present in the thread what with being Photobucket and all that!!!
  15. Hi Derek, 5mm in front of the wing is the way to go. Somewhere buried in amongst the build thread is the modifications I carried out including reducing the height of the main landing gear to improve the stance. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234968955-trumpeter-132-f3/ PS I havn't forgotten the project lightning you asked me to do!
  16. I've been quietly beavering away at this kit the HK Do335. Needs no introdution other than to say I found a set of probably what if markings on t'internet and decided to adopt them in lieu of the standard splinter scheme. The kit goes together really well with the exception of the rear fuselage which sits a little proud for some reason. Anyhow, it was manipulated into position and secured. I left the front and the starboard rear cowlings removable adding micro magnets to help holding them in place. The whole thing was weathered minimally as being a "factory fresh" aircraft i figured it wouldnt have been too beaten up other than test flights. The pilot figure came with the kit and fits beautifully. On with the show.
  17. That looks so cool. Really different. Nice build bud.
  18. Absolutely incredible work. A banner location is justifiably deserved.
  19. Absolutely superb Max. what an amazing piece of engineering!
  20. Not really an Armour guy here although i do like the Stug. On other tank thingy i would be interested in would be the M3 lee / grant.
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