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  1. hi, here is my first 14-18 kit builted. i added one shelter. soon jp
  2. hi Robert, and all of us, one study and useful info... soon jean-paul
  3. i give you some more information: the specific leg gear the nose
  4. hello Robert, FIRST CLASS!!! on your IP created. one of my project is the M3S or/and M3RS the configuration will be the last layouts. - i'll include que ALR instrument on the right side - i'll create the sunshield soon to all jean-paul
  5. bonjour Robert, je suis très content de te voir sur le site. je vais "surveiller" tout cela. A bientôt jean-paul poisseroux good afternoon Robert, i'm very happy to see you on the forum i'll "tracking" every things. so long jp
  6. hello, some shelters was grimmed, a commercial houses or a farm houses. i take my liberty to decorate the doors. but the left.-right-front walls was really painted. i join here the pictures i took in 2000 years on a special before the building was removed... my diorama will be a testimony. i recommend a beautifull book : Belgian Airfields and Allied Tactical Fighter Operations 1944-1945. i create my doors (fictional) helped with one picture from this book.
  7. bonjour, i use a extruded polystyrene sheet with 6mm thickness. exact for the 1/32 scale walls soon
  8. my assistant.... you see the scale. the diorama "will be" 1.40 meter x 1.40 m meter
  9. hello, i start a new project 1/32 scale: a shelter pictured in 2017, see the front -the glassed windows in 1940 , see the picture, the glassed windows are the same: the walls are builded: some works: the doors closed: the doors opened: heavy hours again to process..... cheers jp
  10. hello Guys, my dioram is now finished. the theme : the major show one of its kill...... the pilots group is painted now sorry no copies). one extra for the major. i see a true movie, it's lifejacket was particular.( a drawn, a corsair silhouete). i create the decal. soon jean-paul
  11. hi guys, i try a pacific pilot group. the base : multipose 1/32 airfix us.marines: soon jean-paul
  12. hello all, form the palm tree handmade, i use the masking tape for paint, you find them in the paint store. 2 new picx, the star is gardering the precious corsair bye... jean-paul
  13. hello, method: 1- the artist oil paint is fixed on the frame with tooth pick 2- the paint is worked with Q-TIP 3- Other method : use the tissue that's all folks ! j-paul
  14. hi, the corsair is my tam kit. wonderfull master kit. the dust effect is done with a oil painting (white) jp
  15. hello, one more accesoires..... voila!
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