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  1. maverick728470

    question: Revell Ju87 D same as Hasegawa kit??

    The revell kit is not even close the hase kit.The 21rtC kit is pretty close as to eyeballing it and taking the 21rtC fuselage and putting it against the hase one.Did the same as to the revell kit to the 21rtC kit.And there is way to much difference as to details and length.Larry
  2. maverick728470

    New 1/32 projects on the bench ...

    Brian, Well,Let's just say this to u.Do u ever take a break from building.U do turn out great stuff as to what u do with 48th.Just keep doing what u'er doing.They both look great.Larry
  3. maverick728470

    Martin XB-51

    Dan, I got mine from one of the guys over on HS as to the discussion board.Larry
  4. maverick728470

    Martin XB-51

    Dan, If u can get a hold of the vac plans in 72nd or 48th of the kit.Then u'll be a step closer as to u'er 51.There was kits made of the 51.But have forgotten who they were.Larry
  5. maverick728470

    1/32 Tigger Models J 29A Tunnan

    Got to hand it to u as doing the J39 from Tig.U'er work is SUPER and just to good to be true as to u'er steps on this project.We guys who do vac have got to do the do.And u'er doing it very well.Larry
  6. maverick728470

    The Next Bird

    Rob, That's really shoot'in the moon on u'er wants list.But things do come true as of lately.Larry
  7. maverick728470

    XP-82 Mustang

    Keith, Flicking them together is easy if u have alot of super glue and hardener.And some time on u'er hands.And u keep on plugging away on u'er trump avenger as well.Larry
  8. maverick728470

    XP-82 Mustang

    SMD, U'er right as to using the old revell kit 51's.The canopies will be the malcom hooded types.And u'er right as to the hinged type canopy.Their a real pain to work with.Larry
  9. maverick728470

    XP-82 Mustang

    Thanks Guys! Remarks and Comments help out.Larry
  10. maverick728470

    antena wiring P38L

    Rick, I have a japanese profile book on the 38 and it shows the antenna wire at the top portion of the tail.But not on the vary top of the tail.Bring it down about a 1/4 of an inch and u'er there.Or try google and see what they show.Hope this helps u out.Larry
  11. maverick728470

    21 st CT models: glue problems

    Erwin, The only glue that will work on the 21rtC kits is super glue and a hardener.As for the plastic.One could compare it to the plastic as to the plastic straws one uses for drinking out of a take out from a gas station we use here.May sound strange.But some plastic has a different type of polyurathane formula as to the smoothness of the plastic.Larry
  12. maverick728470

    HE-419 Advanced Nightfighter

    Dodgem37, U'er right as to better engines and the increase in the span.Intel is no where to be found as to what the 419 was to performance and etc.Larry
  13. maverick728470

    Marine Bug

    Here is my version of a Marine Bug as to camo, weapons and various other here and there mods. Paint is from a bomb can of tan pebble from Krylon paint company. The other is the brown that was used on various german A/C types late in the war. The other is a special mix I made up myself as to the base color and brown you see on her. And a special thanks to Tim Valdez for selling me his low viz MARINES decal sheet. All comments and remarks welcome. Larry
  14. maverick728470

    HE-419 Advanced Nightfighter

    This is going to be an HE-419 advanced high altitude nightfighter. Got the intel from Doc here on the site and some other intel I got off google. The only difference between the two is the super chargers and extended wing span and area for the 419. There were six built, but pics were taken since all six were destroyed after a night raid by the RAF. Waiting for a new canopy for here because the kit one being yellowed. She's about 60% as well before primering and finishing detail work. All comments and remarks welcome. Larry
  15. maverick728470

    XP-82 Mustang

    This is going to be the XP-82 Twin Mustang. I started this two weeks ago based on a pic I saw of one of you guys working on a 51. Did a google search and found some interesting intel for doing this project. It's my "what if" as if two P-51B's were mated together. All XP-82 were silver, but mine will be in OD and Grey. She's about 60% to the good and have a little more fine tuning to do before primer goes on her. All comments and remarks welcome. Larry