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  1. As a long-time member of this community, albeit infrequently these last few years, the contributions you have made to the art of 1:32 and this group is second to none. It is with my sincere hopes that you are moving onto and into bigger and better things. I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors and thank you for keeping this group in line. Jeff Herne
  2. Thanks Chuck. Ade, not yet. I'm working on it though. Shipping has pricey to the UK/EU but I will ship overseas if you really the stuff. Drop me an email, thanks. J
  3. The paint is airbrush ready if you shoot with a .25 at 20psi, but, for those of us who spray with a .17 airbrush at 12psi, it will require additional thinning. Everyone is different....and although I run quite efficiently on beer, IPA in this instance is isopropyl alcohol. We are an acrylic...MRP is a lacquer. Mission Models is a poly. Entirely different sets of rules in spraying with each. My goal initially was to fill a niche market - ship colors. I'm venturing into aircraft colors because I can. And as for everyone who has released pigments now releasing paint...I started Warpigs pigment line back in 2010, so yeah.
  4. I'll be there...as a vendor. Rooms are booked, tables are reserved...car is packed, now I wait. JH
  5. Hey folks, My annual visit to the site to say hello. I've launched a new line of acrylic paint colors called Scale Colors. Most of our current lineup is geared towards ship modelers, but I just added a bunch of new aircraft colors, so if anyone is interested, drop me a line, visit us on Facebook or MeWe (Scale Colors), or stop by our website scalecolors.com At present we offer IJN Ame-Iro', researched and color matched in Japan. USN Sea Blue, Intermediate Sea Blue, Blue-Gray, Dark and Light Gull Gray, Neutral Gray, and OD 613. All photo-spectometer and computer matched against actual samples. If things begin to pick up, we'll be venturing into RAF and Luftwaffe colors, as well as modern colors. Paint is airbrush-ready, thins with a 50-50 mix of IPA and distilled water, although we recommend using our thinner for superior leveling. It is extremely low odor. It's a hard-polymer acrylic, using a brand-new chemical formula. Once I get caught up I'll get some to Matt and Kev for review.
  6. It's what you make it gents...here's my 24th Airfix P-51 from 15 years ago... I built this model for Cal Spann, Tuskegee Airman...he returned it after a few weeks and asked if I could build one in 48th scale that would actually fit on his desk. Cal has since passed, but I have several nice autographed photos of him sitting with the model. The gear must be lowered - she sits way too high otherwise. At the end of the day, when you put it on the shelf - it looks like a Mustang.
  7. F2G Conversion (an affordable, available one) XP-72 Conversion for Hasegawa T-bolt Su-35 for Trumpeter Su-27 EA-6B Prowler - because I just read Starfighter's conversion thread and I'm obsessing...on the project... :-)
  8. Stunning...excited now to start mine this weekend!
  9. I stumbled onto this thread nearly 4 hours ago...with in-progress threads I usually mumble to myself "That's nice" and fast forward to the end of thread to see the final results... I read every single post in this thread. You answered technique questions I've been trying to answer for years. This thread has actually motivated me to take the rest of the day off and hit the workbench. I've seen some incredible work in my day - John Vojech, Derek Brown, and Alex DeLeon's IPMS Nationals winners, and countless others here, on FB, and other sites.... This model, this project, ranks in my top 5 of all time... the scope of work, attention to detail, and precision of the build are simply stunning. Wow...all I can say is wow.... Jeff
  10. Just started mine yesterday (in the build forum). Lemme know if you need any references.
  11. Saw this - alt-tabbed, ordered it! One of my top 10 of all time kits!! Wooooooo friggin' hoooooooo.... Now all I need is a Super Corsair and my modeling life is complete....lol. J
  12. Photos are horrible....I think I'll go back and re-shoot these...sorry about that.
  13. Ok, I wanted one, I got one, I started one...! I added a mix of the Avionix resin interior, kit parts, and Eduard photoetch to the interior, otherwise the model will be pretty much out-of-box. Cockpit so far... Radar operator's station so far... Other misc. parts... In the interests of keeping her nose on the ground, I'm skipping the radar assembly in the nose in lieu of additional weight...should have the cockpit wrapped up by the end of the week... J
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