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  1. rdobrze

    F-4E Thunderbird

    a beautiful build Ron
  2. rdobrze

    P39 Cobra II

  3. rdobrze

    P39 Cobra II

    Guys I am building the special Hobbies P39 kit as Cobra II How long should the fuselage be extended there was a article on it that I cannot find in my search .so if anyone can point me in the right directioin I wiould be thankful. Ron
  4. rdobrze

    Revell Mustang release date

    Does anyone know when the New Revell P51 D going to be released .? Ron
  5. rdobrze

    Chipmunk kit

    I was wondering if Robin is still doing business I was tryin g to get one of his kits . Ron
  6. rdobrze

    Revell new 32nd Kits

    So when do they get released ? Im interested In the 1/32 P51 D and the ju88 electric set. Ron
  7. rdobrze

    Spit MK 14 Conversion

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v254/rdobrze/20170210_184939_zpsufosnxw9.jpg Finally Done
  8. rdobrze

    b17 G

    Anyone making the early tail gunner position for the G model kit ? Ron
  9. rdobrze

    HK B-17E/F

    Does come with Masks ? Ron
  10. rdobrze

    P-51 Racer "Voodoo"

    Spell check issues.Hertige kit.My question is what green did you use. Look forward to hear from you. Ron
  11. rdobrze

    P-51 Racer "Voodoo"

    Here is my begining my Red Baron cinised.I have two of the Vestige kits a Red Peguse decals
  12. rdobrze

    Avia S199

    Werner wings
  13. rdobrze

    Avia S199

    Hey Flyod almost there a few bells and whisles lfte to do, Ron
  14. rdobrze

    Bitten by a Mosquito!

    Great work I now have went back to working on mine.I cannot say it to much great work. Ron
  15. rdobrze

    Yak-3 Normandie Niemen expected in August

    Due in August it is now the end of September.