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  1. Guys I am building the special Hobbies P39 kit as Cobra II How long should the fuselage be extended there was a article on it that I cannot find in my search .so if anyone can point me in the right directioin I wiould be thankful. Ron
  2. Does anyone know when the New Revell P51 D going to be released .? Ron
  3. I was wondering if Robin is still doing business I was tryin g to get one of his kits . Ron
  4. So when do they get released ? Im interested In the 1/32 P51 D and the ju88 electric set. Ron
  5. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v254/rdobrze/20170210_184939_zpsufosnxw9.jpg Finally Done
  6. rdobrze

    b17 G

    Anyone making the early tail gunner position for the G model kit ? Ron
  7. Does come with Masks ? Ron
  8. Spell check issues.Hertige kit.My question is what green did you use. Look forward to hear from you. Ron
  9. Here is my begining my Red Baron cinised.I have two of the Vestige kits a Red Peguse decals
  10. Hey Flyod almost there a few bells and whisles lfte to do, Ron
  11. Great work I now have went back to working on mine.I cannot say it to much great work. Ron
  12. Due in August it is now the end of September.
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