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  1. Ok now I'll throw in an oddball... theres a company thats selling an all aluminum skinned finished 15th scale P-51, I'm not an expert on it and I'm wondering how accurate the shape is, its the same company that did the Spitfire. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Airplane-WWII-Mustang-P-51-Fighter-26-Desktop-Model-Aircraft-Authentic-Models-/262701208837?hash=item3d2a365505:g:zRgAAOSwMVdYGQMY
  2. Here's a blurry close-up, arrgghh I hate these crappy cameras, I used to have a great Olympus but it's lost in storage with the rest of my life.
  3. More to come, there's additional decals and details like the pitot and exhaust tubes.
  4. I'm almost finished with the 1/15th X-15A-2 that I'm building for a pilot in Monaco. I finished and sent one in the white World Speed Record config. to the Hermann Oberth Museum in Germany. The one I'm working on right now is the first one I'm building in the blackish inconel finish. I'm also apllying the rivet pattern using silver decals I had printed by JBOT. This model is built using molds I made from the wind tunnel model at Edwards AFB-FTC Museum. The wind tunnel OML has a few areas that are slightly different from the X-15 like the wing root and the chine area in front and behi
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