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  1. Please don't put drop tanks on this beautiful rendition of the F4F-3. They did not have provisions for them. They typically had two 110 lb bomb racks much further out on the wing
  2. There are a couple of things he could do and still stay in the WWI theme. Mate up some Liberty engines with the Felixstowe and you can do an H-16. No American subjects have been kitted either. A good JN-4 would be something. A Thomas Morse S-4C would also be most welcome. How about a Macchi M.5? R Dann
  3. 1. Grumman F3F-1/2/3 2. Grumman G-22 Gulfhawk II 3.Grumman F2F-1 4. Boeing F4B/P-12 series 5. Douglas B-18/A/B 6. Northrop BT 7. Northrop A-17 8. Good F2A series 9. Good P-35 series 10. Martin T4M
  4. I have discovered a significant change to the F3F-3 from the F3F-2 that I never noticed or understood, until now. If you look closely at a 3/4 view of the aircraft from the tail looking forward, there is a crescent shaped opening that starts near the aft cabane strut and goes all the way down to the wing fillet fairing. Grumman attempted to clean up the design by fairing the cowling and fuselage a bit more closely. In essence, the fuselage is wider on the -3 from the aft cabane strut all the way to the cowling. That crescent shaped opening also eliminated the need for CO2 vents in the accessory section and near the horizontal tails. The cowl was also slightly different, and the exhausts are faired. Rich Dann
  5. You might check your main landing gear, they look like they might be reversed
  6. PLEASE do not put the drop tanks on this beautiful build. F4F-3s did not have the capability to carry drop tanks. They had a bomb rack capable of a 110 lb bomb much further outboard on the wing. The tanks and plumbing were not incorporated until the F4F-4. Rich
  7. On Navy H-60s, which have hydraulically folding blades, each blade is denoted by a color stripe (red, blue, yellow and black). During the fold sequence, the rotor head will index to the correct position (same every time) prior to the blades actually folding. Not sure which blade is where when this takes place. Ltdann
  8. I like the rotor brake handle. That is the locked position. Brings back memories!
  9. Vincent Meens is now starting to sell the ascent stage parts on Shapeways. I believe that he is going to have the option to have a full interior. Rich
  10. Finally finished coating the landing pads with foil. All struts now installed. Still need to attach plume deflectors, engine bell, landing gear uplocks, egress platform and radar shield. Rich
  11. While not strictly an "aircraft", I thought this might be interesting for folks to see in this forum - Progress on my first model project in a decade. [/size] This is a scratch built 1/32 LM. The basic structure is plastic card, but the detail parts are 3D printed from Shapeways. Admittedly expensive, this is probably the best way to a large scale LM until a mainstream manufacturer does one. [/size] Vincent Meens has parts on Shapeways to do 1/8, 1/10, 1/16, 1/24 and 1/32 LMs. (Big money the bigger the scale). You can also do a early LM (G/H missions).....or a J mission LM with the LRV. The LRV can be made in any of about 6 configurations from fully stowed to fully deployed. [/size] Foil is from Michaels (gold & orange), Bare Metal Foil (gold and silver, kitchen foil sprayed black, and red wine bottles. [/size] The one thing I noted with printed parts is that nothing really sticks to the plastic. I suggest you prime any parts, even if you foil them later. [/size] Vincent is now working to complete the ascent stage.[/size] <img src="http://i1381.photobucket.com/albums/ah223/ltdann61/image1_zpsa6a5d0eb.jpg"alt="[linked image]"> <img src="http://i1381.photobucket.com/albums/ah223/ltdann61/image4_zps941aa888.jpg"alt="[linked image]"> <img src="http://i1381.photobucket.com/albums/ah223/ltdann61/image3_zpsd0fd24fc.jpg"alt="[linked image]"> Rich Dann
  12. One small nit on the Hasegawa web page P-40E is the additional window brace. Rich Dann
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