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  1. Hello, here I'm again! I. I was able to find some evidence for the opening in the fuselage I wrote about above: It is obviouse that there is a plenty of room in the fuselage to add my EEEs. So I'll have to change a lot in the kit because the kit hase not really hat the real fuselage was like. II. Starting with the bulkheads I'll try to catch the inner line of the visiable stanchions inside also. But first I'll have to figure out the bulkhead/frames's lines and the stanchion's openings in the bukheads and frames. II. But now I've got an important question due to the look from the outside: Scaled in 1/32 is it necessary to simulate the rivets on the outside of the fuselage, too? And if - is punching them by using a sharped tube in the right diameter a good idea? Thanks for the wounderfull motivation and your expert's support. Greetings from here to all of you.
  2. Some bad jokes made by Revell in 1974: That's a pitty but now I know where the equipment is to be placed. I think about building the single parts individually from wood, odds and ends by visceral. Or are there any measurements. Can I write to the museum in Australia to get some of the measurements or pictures? The E³ will be build from odds&ends - I'm collecting ideas to get some of the instruments in individual ways looking functional and correct for the business the have to do. The antennas are so special thing and I have to deal with sending and sign-collecting antennas - I can remember some of the shapes of the roof antennas from the 80 - after this data the disapeared in Germany due to the introduction of rubbish sending* private-calbe-TV (and I decided to avoid both* ) So I'll have to find soime books about British radar and electronic equipment... _____________ ' - by comping my TV in the late 90th we can view 3,500 hours of TV on every 24 hours of a single day - with out of pay-TV! And so the question is not "What we are going to send intresting for the people to day?" - here the question seems to be "How in hell we fill the gaps between the next two advertisments?" ...and by this I bought inbetween some tousand books.
  3. The Figures are mounted on the red square inch: Now it is saturday and it's bathtubday! Now the question - what to do with the inner side of the kit: Compaded to the cutthrough: Here some technical drawings I figured out to get some idea of the inner structure of the fuselage.: A good overview so we can say the No.47 "Bulkhead" is right in the Revell kit... but with this everything ends... Something about the hydraulic, pneumatic and electip piping and wireing. Interesting: Detailling of the tail Very important for me is the L-form of the longitudenal straces: Can this hacht stayed opel for the installation of the new(ish) equipment under the copula? Looks like it is opened tothe right side. Also I found this walk around - and NOW I'm completly confused what is the right shade of green for the cockpit inner colour: Revell says "C" what meens mixing 33% Yellow matt No. 15 + 33% sea green 48 + 34% stone grey matt75" So what green is right the ugly bright A or the greener B? Or shall I believe in Revell? But the walkarround shows several shades of green! Look: http://www.grubby-fingers-aircraft-illustration.com/beaufighter_walkaround.html Veryimportant are the bulakheads here for the shape of the fuselage. Here the Cockpit (Australia has an other shape of green???) look arround! and the drawing with the bulkheads: Thanks for watching.& your help!
  4. Hello thanks for the intrest from your side. This kit will be a trip due to the pure size of the kit. But as I read at wikipedia that she had a plenty of room in her fuselage I think I'm right to abuse her as an electronice testing plane. But what I really miss here is the absence of a scale in the pictures a a ruler or a coin to give some idea of the pure size and in the same moment miniaturness of the built parts... so I painted a funny duett of Gretchins from my son's figure collection for Warhammer40k and scewed them on a red quareinch. This might give a optical comparsion to a real measurement. Pictures will follow as soon as possible.
  5. Here my first doodling scetch of antannas with bare copper surfaces: Antenna types : Barreal Abor Feather Fir Tree
  6. "How a husband fades when his wife appears." Curt Goetz Hello friends, she means well to me - and I got the Revell Bristol Beaufighter Mk. IF from Revell by my beloved honey as a unexpected present. Prioritseing everything new... So I decided without hesitation to surf through the www and I really found a nice colour scheme reducing the giant size of the kit a bit I hope: its copied from the backsite of a 1/144 kit: What are your tips, hints and tricks for her? I've never dealt with the "doubleB" I played a bit with MSpaint - so it possible to do something like this to the kit? Updating to Mk V with a quadrogun turret - but keeping the engines rotray? - they look so nice Or giving the viewer a bigger opening looking into the kit? Or can I add a torpedo and a gunner opening to the Mk.IF, too? To the camouflage scheme: I found this Picture of a Czech Lib LV343 at Beaulieu in July-43 with this nice "waves" between grey/green and white - is this allowed to add to a B²? I saw a Wellington Mk.VIII in later Coastal Command colours, showing the ASV Mk.II radar antennas on the side and top of the rear fuselage. And I like this - but have there been some addid into a B² ?? This because I am not shure if I want to built a "Torpedo Attacker" or some "Electronic Warefare" - both are so intresting - the colouring of the tin-fish on the one hand and the intesting look of the antannas.
  7. Hello friends, often was told the MiG 15 was designed out of the plans of the RLM Focke Wulf Ta(chem) 183. The plans were brought to Russia and the story started. (The warbirdsforum has several articles about this: the angle of the wings, the placing on the elevator, the tail is not the same, ect. ...) So the story changed when in summer 1945 Berlin was recaptured - and the 2nd plancopys were hastly used in the Jägernotprogramm: partly wooden builded. The "Gustav" is the nightfighter type of the Ta 183 used against Britsh bombers - in the new squadron "Theodor Körner" - black thronk of the husars. The radar was the new FuG 333-L "Sensenmann" (Grim Reaper). Several sesoric humps were added for the monitoring of the sphere behind the aircraft - "Buckelwal" (humpback whale). And arround the aircraft like an lateral organ. All these electric items/oscillographs were displayed on a single monitor - so no engeneer NCO is needed. The Gustav is the solopilot fighter type - additive features are to be added to the cockpit. So several items of Luft '46 can be added to the proto-MiG. So these is a longtime project - so no rush, no hurry!
  8. ...and I figured out where I saw this cioloursheme before: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showuser=29051 Peterpools has got a Boeing F2B-1 from USS Saratoga in his signature here a little video for those who don't know warthunder - and why it's fun to fly a F3F-2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4VfBtyOL0c
  9. That's very intresting , guys! So the F3F is a recycled kit of this sportsaircraft So I'd have to invest some US$ 66 + p&p for the aftermarket addtivives??? For the BF2C-1 I would have to add 25 bucks, too. This isn't in the planed budget But I have been ablet to lay my hand on a can of brake-cover-colour for sportscars showing her inner live (* very distinguished Oxford English:* As not one out of my stack of three RR scaled1/16 will never do like. ) so I found this fine red. I decided to build her just in this way as this pearticular aircraft of the commander of VF-5 after 1937 and before the war-blue-grey of 1940. Because between 1935-37 the red was the colour of the planes of USS Langley and the F3F-3 was introduced 1936 and in October the CV-1 was converted into a seaplane tender - it's not really realistic to paint a squadron of brand new fighting airplanes to introduce them onto a carrier for only some month. The Yorktown (CV-5) is the newest carrier of the fleet iiuntrocuced in 1936 - and it makes sence to give the also brand new plans to her. But till 1937 they would have had a blue tail. But this kit features the F3F-3 and wikipedia learns to us: The entire F3F-2 production series was delivered in between 1937 and 1938; when deliveries ended, all seven Navy and Marine Corps pursuit squadrons were equipped with Grumman single-seat fighters. Further aerodynamic developments were made to an F3F-2 returned to Grumman for maintenance; it became the XF3F-3, and featured a larger-diameter propeller, among other improvements. On 21 June 1938, the Navy ordered 27 improved F3F-3s Here I founde a very intersting artice obaout the same kit: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=21664&page=3 with a plenty of helpfull hints and helping hands by the members done here several years ago. So I think I'll have to scatch all this - but will it be cheaper at the very end on my bill?
  10. Hello thanks for the basket full of motivations and helpful hints. And crumbling on my carpetmonster's head with popcorn - it's not used to this usually it's awayting kitparts to grap them, run away and hide them... please don't irritate her too much! I'm 'till awayting my kit by mail also my brandnew BF2C-1 "Goshawk" with rejectable landing-gear I managed to snatch her from under sombody's nose
  11. Thanks to all of you for the very helpful inforamtion, links and hints. In the next days a compressor for the airbrush will appear here So I'm hopefull to be able to spray this airplaine - but the cherryred I would like to the the Citadel Groe Red for cant't be sprayed - so I'll hopefully be ableto find some alternative. colour for ttail, band and enginecover... Abaout the aftermarket set - I found this notice: I seriously need to take a break from this! So until further notice Lone Star Models will not be accepting any new orders. All orders on hand will be filled As I cought this night the BF2 C1 by Hasegawa also - I'm doublely disappointed - because I'would need both cockpit sets additivly the wing extension set .
  12. P.S.: I've seen the silver red colour sheme and the numbercode (with other letters) somewhere in this form here... ...but where???
  13. Very interstin' plane - never saw her before!
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