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  1. The paint and small details really bring it to life - very well done!!
  2. very nice - well built with an excellent finish!
  3. I'm finishing the 1:48 Eduard f6f-5 now - I've had to repair that same part twice. I feel your pain. Again - excellent build!!
  4. Very nice result Matt. I've been following throughout your build. Is the tail radio aerial mast facing correctly?
  5. Little lean on the pictures John, don't ya think?? I mean, come on, that is awesome, but, it's like seeing and smelling a steak. What a tease. Really, really good job!!
  6. Very nice - an inspiration. I've book marked this, as I want to do the same scheme with the new Eduard 1:48 kit.
  7. Excellent - really love the finish!!
  8. Thanks, great detail, authentic, well research and expertly executed!
  9. I love the finish - subtle weathering looks great. Did you paint the scallop glass behind the pilot?
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