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  1. Great work so far. Love the scratchbuilding - can't wait to see paint!!
  2. Is 'cute' an appropriate response for a model airplane?? I like it a lot!!
  3. The wing join looks interesting!!! Mr Miloslav, will you be posting progress shots? Tom in WV, USA
  4. I've always liked your work - anxious to see what you are able to do with this kit!!
  5. Minus the few vibrant colors, it looks like a black and white photo. Very striking.
  6. This is one of those, that, if photographed outdoors, and with the right perspective . . . one would think it was an actual aircraft. Very well done. The chipping and color modulation are first rate!
  7. Very well done!! I especially like the finishes and the base.
  8. Superb - will be watching!
  9. Excellent job - I love tri-colored navy subjects!
  10. Great build. The finishing looks spot on to me. The photos and photo editing were great.
  11. Beautiful! Prekrasnyy!! One of my favorite subjects perfectly executed.
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