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  1. Tom You may have already addressed this, if so, sorry. Will you be building this gear down, on land? Great work so far! Tom in WV USA
  2. Great subject - looks like the project is in good hands.
  3. Airscale in combo with all the other stuff (esp anyz) will be something to see. Will be following!!
  4. Great work so far. Love the scratchbuilding - can't wait to see paint!!
  5. Is 'cute' an appropriate response for a model airplane?? I like it a lot!!
  6. The wing join looks interesting!!! Mr Miloslav, will you be posting progress shots? Tom in WV, USA
  7. I've always liked your work - anxious to see what you are able to do with this kit!!
  8. Minus the few vibrant colors, it looks like a black and white photo. Very striking.
  9. This is one of those, that, if photographed outdoors, and with the right perspective . . . one would think it was an actual aircraft. Very well done. The chipping and color modulation are first rate!
  10. Very well done!! I especially like the finishes and the base.
  11. Superb - will be watching!
  12. Excellent job - I love tri-colored navy subjects!
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