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  1. Nice! I wanted to get a pre-built one, but this will be better! Of course it'll sit in the box next to its best friend the 1:18 SBD kit for a while.
  2. Don't mean to Hi-jack the thread. But yes, they'll have the gear doors open like that for whatever reason. We were doing training with the basket, sometimes we get the lead bag with the line (like the pic) and sometimes they'll drop the basket down and we have to hit it with the grounding wand. What's funny with the line and lead bag is new people are scared to keep the line tight as they think they'll pull the helicopter down, then the pilots will come over the radio telling us to keep it tight as they're afraid of the line getting sucked up into rotors.
  3. The Flying, Whistling, Sh!t Can! The 2 helos in the pictures below are from ATC Mobile, AL and the bottom pic in the hanger is from Barbers Point (not a good pic). Look forward to seeing your build.
  4. I love these topics. Mine would be a 1/32 Betty and a A6M3 mod. 32
  5. I was just thinking that you could possibly use the 21st Century Toys Canopy it's frameless, they have the two center line drop tanks, and HVAR's. I know it's not the greatest but maybe be with a little work could come out nice.
  6. I have the book, Scale Plans No. 5 which has drawings of the the different A6M versions and in different scales. Not sure how accurate the book is, but looks legit to me. Which Model Art Vol. number is it. I may have to get, scan, and have my cousin in Japan translate it for me.
  7. Hello new guy here, I lurk around from time to time. I was seeing if anyones done a conversion to make a 1/32 A6M3 Hamp? I've seen the type 22 conversion on here and it looks tempting, but would really like to do a type 32. I know UMI resin made a conversion but i can never find the kit anywhere. I've experimented on 2 separate 21st Century Zero wings with chopping, sanding, and putty but it never comes out right to me or maybe it did and might just be my OCD. Clipping them isn't the problem, I have the 1/32 scale plans for the panel lines, but it seems to be the tips that I can't get shaped right. Any help, links, or instruction is welcome.
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