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  1. I searched 1/18 Me 262 before the post but found nothing. The main gear door covers should be in two parts. the 21st and Admirals both have them as one piece. Not an impossible fix. Beyond that, they got a lot of it pretty close for a toy. I thought 21st Century's 1/18 jets near the end were some of their best.
  2. Has anyone bought the Hobby Boss 1/18 Me 262 kit? I'm curious how bad...or good it might be.
  3. No, the individual corrugation ribs are all molded separately on 5 big sprues and you have to add them. Great for the detail lovers to show off their skills.
  4. Do 17 makes the most sense. It's the missing Battle of Britain bomber of the big three. Not that big or complicated. Wide open to extra variation kits too.
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