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    The Model Cellar has been making resin figures and accessories for the model hobby market for 25 years. Although we have a wide range of figures (genre, era, and scale) we specialize in WWI. We have a great line of 1/32 scale resin WWI pilots sculpted by Mike Good (Mike Good is one of the best sculptors in the miniature business today). Some of our figures are generic pilots and air crew while others are "portrait sculpts". Such as: Werner Voss, Billy Bishop, Eduard Ritter von Schleich, Manfred & Lothar von Richthofen, Max Immelman, and Oswald Boelcke.

    Perhaps you have seen/heard of our high quality figures as we have been around a long time. We were making WWI pilots long before the centenary of WWI when it became 'fashionable" =)). Our first pilot (Voss) was released in 2007 - that's TWELVE years ago!! They were initially designed for the Roden kits. Remember when Roden put out their first 1/32 Fokker kit?!? ...that was LONG before Wingnut Wings burst onto the scene.

    You can see our products on our website.

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  1. Marcin, WHOA !! That is AMAZING. ...no other words I can say. Paul
  2. Really nice. I like everything about it. The green/purple camo looks great. The yellow and green striped tail is cool too. And the wood fuselage is AMAZING. Paul
  3. Nice... VERY nice ! I like it a lot =). Paul
  4. That is EXCELLENT !! The shading, the weathering, the paint chipping... ALL excellent. Paul
  5. The Model Cellar would like to announce our first new release for 2020 - Manfred von Richthofen (in sweater with walking stick). Sculpted by Mike Good, the figure is patterned after the very familiar period photo. As usual, the detail is amazing. The figure is 'spot on' as Mike has captured the pose and Richthofen's big smile perfectly. This is the definitive Manfred figure. It will make a great accessory for the upcoming 1/32 scale Fokker Triplane from WingNut Wings Kit particulars: Manfred von Richthofen (in sweater) item MC32030 sculpted by: Mike Good box art by:
  6. The Model Cellar would like to announce our new release to go with all those large scale WWI Airplanes: a 1/32 scale WWI German Pilot putting on a Heinecke parachute harness with the help of his trusted mechanic. Sculpted by Mike Good, the anatomy and proportions are 'spot on', and, the details are clean, clear and crisp. Kit Particulars: WWI German Pilot in Heinecke parachute harness (with mechanic) item: MC32029 sculpted by: Mike Good box art by: Mike Butler (a.k.a. "Mike the Kiwi") scale: 1/32 (54mm) resin cast retail price: $41.00 USD http
  7. What a great trio !! I like the streaking effect you achieved. Paul
  8. That is really cool. A very nice build. Paul
  9. Tom, I really like this. I is stunning. I like the wood panels, the metal cowling, the prop. It's a nice clean, crisp build. I like everything about it =). Paul
  10. DrDave, That looks GREAT !! I especially like the paint chipping effect on the cowling. Paul
  11. Whoa, now that is cool !! And Model Cellar has the ultimate 1/32 Voss figure to compliment it. Sculpted by Mike Good, the pose, the anatomy, the proportions AND the likeness is spot on: https://modelcellar.com/shop/time-period/wwi/werner-voss-3/ We issued Voss in 2007 - that was LONG before WNW was even around. Funny, but our Voss figure was actually designed to go with the "BRAND NEW" (at the time) Roden kit. Roden was emerging on the 1/32 WWI scene and at Mike's urging, we set off doing 1/32 WWI pilots. Of course when they issued the kit with Manfred's marki
  12. Gaz, That is really cool. I especially like the laminated prop - very well done. And, the back drop picture makes it look real ! Paul
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